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Reporting_Mod_Abuse's TTT Appeal

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Server: TTT

SteamID: Kat

Reason for ban: Kat

Issuing staff member: Kat

Ban length: Forever



Moderator [Kat] has once again abused moderation powers for friends on TTT servers. After their friend was killed by an innocent detonating a mine turtle, they became enraged and slayed an unrelated player multiple times (that player being a traitor and having placed mine turtle some time before, which is visible on map). After player asked why they were slayned, [Kat] then abused the player and refused to answer. Despite this incident being done with, the moderator [Kat] proceeded to ban the player for the previous asking of why they were slayne.

We'll await the unban as in the previous incidences where this moderator has acted poorly.

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I agree there seems to be no form restrictions or punishments for the staff team.

They will put the minimum effort when looking at slays or just outright not do any reports unless you just happened to kill them.

The staff members friend group can get away with harassing others and micspamming but if you dare do it for a second you get instantly punished very odd.

Half of the staff team arent even present on the server, i just learned yesterday that cuck was a staff member and I have been playing since the server reset.


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