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Sudoh for Staff on TTT


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Server(s): TTT

SteamID: 76561198066622315

Age: 19

Total Hours Played on Flux: 120

Recommendation(s) from Staff: accel.


About Sudoh:

Hey all! :D

I am Sudoh, but I go by Maddie in the outside world.

I currently work full time as a manager and it is extremely tiring. Due to the tiring nature of my job, I don't hold many hobbies outside of gaming currently but with summer coming up I am excited to get back into hiking!

I first picked up Garry's Mod around 2012 (second game I owned!) and played TTT daily for a few years, however life and other games got in the way so I took a break from the game as I could not commit to full communities anymore. I have come back to Garry's Mod recently to help unwind from my job and to be apart of a community again.


Reason for Application:

I really enjoy the community that Flux is and would love to contribute to the continuation of such community and assist in its continuous growth.

I am not the best at the game, so I die pretty early in each round, giving me plenty of time to do reports. *finger guns* 

Also with my weird work rotation I find myself online on weekdays and in the mornings, which can assist in some staff gaps. I also play a lot during peak periods, so I can take some strain off current staff.

I currently hold the Trusted rank.


Previous Experience (if applicable):

Lockdown Gaming *

Head Moderator


Golden Gaming *



*Unfortunately cannot remember time frames but somewhere between 2012 and 2016



Can sell bath water on the server for extra profit.



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+1 From what i've seen follows the rules and is pretty chill, i'd say worth giving them a shot.

However, i just noticed the comment and someone pointed out that she does seem to essentially afk point farm, so i'm barely leaning towards the +1. The comment was quite unprofessional considering this is an application and afk point farming is explicitly against the rules, but the time spent idling mid round could be used to deal with reports.

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Neutral leaning to -1, I see alot of potential in you but alot of negatives rather than positives, if you can show you can be welcoming to all players instead of a select few and help out more, then its a +1.

Until then ima stay Neutral leaning to -1

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After some consideration and words from others, I am going to take away my previous comments, still going to +1 but i think that you should tone down profanity usage even in the company of those you don't like.

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