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  1. From my judgement, when I watch death scenes: Given that A and B are innos, while C the traitor. A fires at C, with the actual intention to hit C (probably KOSed earlier on, or being caught in the act doing some traitorous shit). However, by doing so, some of his bullets hit B in a crossfire (either B jumped in unexpectedly, or was already there but unaware of C behind him), potentially killing him in the process. Note that this can also happen if B and C are close together and are probably standing in a long distance from A, which also leads to both of them killed if A has a weapon with
  2. Didn't we use to have special rounds at one point, until they were removed due to their buggy state?
  3. Also to add another note on your behaviour, I personally gave you a warning for constantly targeting a player for RDM (Note: This warning was given way before Aeyon and other staff handed you a few more). While I know you were doing this with other people like Strawberry and Diesel, have you ever thought that is it the right or wrong thing to jump in the bandwagon like this? And no, that wasn't the time where you could point fingers at the ringleader, saying "He did it first so I followed him" and stuff like that. All three of you were equally wrong and warnings were handed out, end of ca
  4. +1 A chill person to play with, also follows rules well. As a bonus from me, have my recommendation too.
  5. BIG -1. I don't have to judge you by your attitude in game. By looking into Discord, there's already ample amount of instances which you've been a total minge towards other players, including staff as well. Certainly this sort of disrespectful attitude warrants you no position in the staff team.
  6. Report has been handled. Thank you for reporting!
  7. You're one of the players I first met on Flux on the first day I joined the community. When I first knew you, you gave me a good impression, as you constantly abode to the rules. Over the span of few months, I also noticed that when it comes to reports, you always gave proper explanation of the offender's actions as a victim, or your actions if you're reported. I hardly see you getting slain unless if it was an honest mistake. I have no troubles playing on the same server with you, and another thing to note is that I enjoy having you as a traitor buddy on T rounds because you display
  8. FINALE: Why do people get afraid of me
  9. 5 weeks of memes! Day 35: Allah is God
  10. Day 33: We love these three letters
  11. Day 32: If you see this please run away
  12. Day 31: Two silly people KOSing each other
  13. One month of memes! Day 30: A special day is today
  14. Day 29: What actually stops a Traitor
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