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NerfMehDaddy Flux for Staff on TTT

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Server(s): TTT

SteamID: 76561198344185837

Age: 17

Total Hours Played on Flux: 49

Recommendation(s) from Staff:


About NerfMehDaddy Flux:

Hello I am PiradeX/NerfMehDaddy i played alot of DarkRP and thats where i got most of my combined hours  on 2 accounts (~~1.2k) but i also play TTT (Obviously) I like Anime 2D women and have multiple Waifus and I talk to them outside of playing and i also have to work to not pay to this server.


Reason for Application:

i'm applying for TRIAL MODERATOR for the server of TTT and i should be accepted compared to others as i am quite active on the server especially during down times when no one else is online (8-11am) and (8-11pm) as well as being experienced in using and checking through logs and gathering evidence to effectively lash out punishments for rule breakers. My Track record is quite clean without any? bans (other than 1 karma)


Previous Experience (if applicable):

I have had previous experience on GMOD servers as well as a Rust Server but no longer moderate on those servers

GMOD - Superior Server - Dark RP (5 Months)

GGS.SX - DarkRP (1 month)

(An Australian server called Phantom something something that i no longer remember) - DarkRP (2 weeks)



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-1 You can be a cool guy but the negatives outweigh the positives, you are mingey, toxic and completely immature. You are by far worse than me and thats saying something. Unless you can seriously work on your act then its a fat fucking no.

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-1. From what I've seen and experienced you are toxic and you go out of your way to start shit with other members of the community. Just the other day in discord you were trying to start an argument with the mods claiming that you "outsmart us" and that Higashi and Wildcard have egos. I wouldn't trust you to make unbiased decisions as a mod.

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BIG -1.

I don't have to judge you by your attitude in game. By looking into Discord, there's already ample amount of instances which you've been a total minge towards other players, including staff as well. Certainly this sort of disrespectful attitude warrants you no position in the staff team.

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