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milks juicy introduction :)


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Hello, it's milks introduction!

I'm Danielle, I'm 18 years old and I live in Victoria, Australia. I have a black cat(pictured below) named Augustus and a goldfish named Fishy, I love them to bits!
 I would love to hear your honest opinions about me, because I know some of you hate me and I'd like that to be cleared. I still see my name popup...regardless of being inactive now and if you all would be so kind to either comment below or pm I'd love to discuss this because I do hear and see what you guys say even if you think I don't and I'd love to expose some juicy gossip I've been compiling since some of you like to live in a lie.


(i hope y'all get ballsy and comment i want this shit to be a discussion 😠 )

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1 hour ago, Jack said:

Dogs > cats 

My dog passed away early this year, I agree that dogs are lovely companions though. 


@BlipBlop Ay man I'll only expose them if they don't apologise themselves, they know who they are tho lmao. Nice cats (and dog) though, they look snuggly! My mum wanted a ginger but we got that burnt little shit.

@Bayco Your cats are so beautiful! Like a fluffy siamese/ragdoll? My knees are good idk what you mean they let me suck dick for long periods of time

@Naked Snake Snazzy cat mate, mind pming me who those people gossiping are? If you don't that's fine too 🙂


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