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  1. augustus is such a good cat name lol. my little 1 year old DSH is called Astrid (everyone says awww that reminds me of how to train your dragon but i've never even seen that) ;-;
  2. whichever one you want me to be bb
  3. You may know me as Snake, but truthfully it's a coverup. I'm actually Fidel Castro, I escaped Cuba and decided to become a sit at home NEET who plays TTT. Here is my photo from 1961
  4. My cats better 😠 fite me
  5. Only times i've been on at the same time as you, you've been really nice and chill. I hear the gossip but that doesn't affect that I have a positive opinion of you
  6. Seriously, make this man staff. Wild card is ALWAYS on, enjoyable to play with, easy to talk to and i've never seen him break the rules. +1, simple as that.
  7. To elaborate on this, i'd also recommend looking into using shadowplay if you want to consistently catch people breaking rulesInsert image from URL
  8. the ping is iconic sure, but its pointless having it
  9. Obsolete, we already have the M14 which is the official successor to the Garand's legacy.
  10. Yeah I know im the big dumb, but I just felt I had to clear things up. Love you brotha
  11. NymodiaLast Sunday at 11:54 AM no hard feelings SnakeLast Sunday at 12:22 PM I was asleep, apology accepted July 30, 2019 SnakeToday at 3:59 PM You can continue this petty childishness if you desire, but I'm ending it here as I see it as simply pointless to continue this frankly ludicrous back and forth. Be an adult and walk away. NymodiaToday at 4:02 PM Petty Childness. Is that what you call it? I gave you a -1 because I dont think you're fit to have a staff position and you've just confirmed it. Everything I said was true and factual, and I certainly didnt DM you whining about it when you -1'd me. SnakeToday at 4:02 PM If you think this is about a -1, then by God I pity youm I'm telling you to be an adult and stop bickering in public about something that's in the past Simply asking you to stop being petty after you continued this argument, after you CLAIMED you were done with it, is not insulting you.
  12. Quite frankly, you're the only one being immature here. EDIT: I tried to resolve things peacefully with you via discord messages, but you obviously just want to choose the nuclear option. I get you're upset I -1'd you, but frankly your whole argument here is "HE'S NOT OKAY WITH ANY FORM OF RACISM THEREFORE HE DOESNT DESERVE MOD". Look, your immaturity is not my problem. You just need to grow up some more.
  13. This is quite literally the definition of being petty. You're really acting your age of 15 right now.
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