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  1. Honestly flux, I'm very proud of you. We've all collectively come together to shut this dumbass down, and this is the most flux has ever universally agreed on something. We've done something special today, friends.
  2. This is the worst take you've had so far. Cheaters ruin a GAME, they don't do something that could potentially ruin someone's life.
  3. I don't take baseless legal threats lightly, and am perfectly willing to see you in a local court room unless you drop this complete stupidity.
  4. Pony up buddy, I ain't taking legal threats lightly, and I'll subpoena you for threatening a SLAPP suit if I have to. We can do this all day, as I quite literally have lawyers and police in the family who will cover the case free, so we can do this every day of the week if you want an actual legal battle, with police and all. Pony up.
  5. Talk to the cops all you want chief, my father can handle it for you, as he's a senior constable in the feds. If you wanna threaten legal action, I suggest you lawyer up asap. Make sure you tell them you doxxed someone and committed a federal offense. They'll take you very seriously.
  6. Im going to leave it at this at the sake I might actually irreparably damage your public image if I had to post the creepy shit you've sent to others, give up on your appeal, Because frankly you haven't learnt anything.
  7. yet you just did the same with st.clair
  8. trust me chief, you DO NOT want me to post the dm's i have of you to others.
  9. Look at the way you @'d him. You also should NOT bring this communities drama into anothers. That's incredibly immature.
  10. "Your first ever message on Vulcan was @'ing Aeyon which judging by your past is likely intended to provoke him" Yeah sorry blip but this screams trying to start shit, being toxic and childish.
  11. So quite literally admitting to evading a punishment. Nice job bud, you've just made your case even less considerable. This should be a quick and swift denial, considering the utter lack of remorse and the need for an excuse as to why he did what he did.
  12. No. Absolutely no. You doxxed someone and "it happened out of frustration and anger" is not an adequate excuse, ever. You do not seem actually sincere in your apology either, and frankly allowing you back into the community would be a horrid mismanagement and misjudgment. In the months AFTER your ban, it was evident and immediately obvious you had not learned from your mistakes, and reading this not only affirms that, it concerns me. This seems so incredibly insincere and out of touch.. Just no, no, no. I do not want to see you allowed back into the community.
  13. Deadlifted 70kg. I've never seen a rabbit, I've been to Uluru, I can do a treflip.
  14. Have a clear set innocent or t win condition through a hardish to achieve map mechanic. One of the things that makes me love a ttt map is atmosphere as well, I'm a huge fan of ttt_amsterdam, dig down, concentration, or any map with darker overall lighting, but has large enough well lit areas for safety. Darker maps let you get a lot sneakier with how you dispatch innos, and let's you use the lighting to your advantage a lot more. As for T traps or puzzles and what not, something that's got specific use cases that aren't just "hit this button to kill someone" or solve a puzzle and just get a lame reward like a knife or something. T traps that cut off sections of the map to Innocents, or make traversing it a lot more dangerous are good.
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