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  1. The fact that you knew is further compounded by the fact that they're the only person you've ever called that word in your chat history for the discord. Bigotry is not banter, being a cunt against common sense, is not banter.
  2. You see, that's where you're wrong. The person you said it to IS trans. You knew that too, you're just trying to save face. You were chat banned because the person you said it to took a lot of offense to it, and specifically asked for you to be chat banned. It is not a false accusation when the evidence is stacked against you.
  3. Oh look, I found what he got chat banned for. Not to mention numerous, and I mean numerous other incidents of being toxic in the discord, don't think this is a person that fits very well for a server thats got their first two rules as
  4. That's not how this works, bud. Ask staff for your "proof", i'm sure they'd be glad to help confirm what i'm saying
  5. Well yes, you can. Your reputation on the discord is pretty important for being considered for staff I can, and am judging you very heavily based on your discord history, considering you had a recent chat ban for being a transphobe
  6. Haven't played as far as you know. Your discord history is also pretty horrendous
  7. Still a massive -1. You've proved you're immature, a cunt, and a bigot time and time again. I could go on an enormous tangent about why you should never be staff, but i'd be beating a dead horse at this point.
  8. Give us the 100s of signatures my man, gotta see these
  9. You are aware that statement can mean that you know there is no good reason for this, and not that specifically YOU made the decision.
  10. "Just do this haha, u stupid idiot" is not a valid counterpoint. This is basically an admission that you have no justifiable reason for this being done?
  11. Let's be sensible and look at this objectively. What, at all, does this address? Children not seeing no-no words? Children swear more than any adult does online, anyone who's grown up with the internet knows this. Not to mention, there are an abundance of underage people posting in the NSFW, strictly 18+ channels, yet this is a non-issue, but swearing in general somehow is? Knowingly letting children, literal children, break the law, but censoring profanity seems like a weird choice... This shouldn't have even been considered, they're going to witness profanity in other places, they're going to hear it on TTT, YouTube, etc. This achieves absolutely nothing.
  12. There are applications made by 15 year olds that read better than this, you should've taken the time to make it look legible.
  13. Was when I was still mod, as I remember there being debates over someone who didn't have 3 recommendations that they needed
  14. Gonna have to be a -1 for now chief. Considering your involvement in some rather shitty behaviour in the past, plus what i've seen of you today, I really don't think you're a good fit with the servers current staffing standards. Not to mention, you have no recommendations, which you are required to have when applying.
  15. Server: Discord SteamID: not applicable Reason for ban: Nothing, literally nothing lol. Issuing staff member: Ban length: indefinitely muted Appeal: aight so I know i didnt do anything to get muted by the bot, the only things i'd said in 10 minutes were "is this joke still going on" "there we go" "thats the corn we know" then i got muted by the bot after like a minute of not saying anything, the bot unmuted corn after 10 minutes but im still muted.
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