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  1. Bland and uninteresting. Too stock, no one would use it.
  2. Ok so, damage logs quite often do not accurately show if someone was killed by a barrel being shot. That makes things harder to determine. You never told me a KOS was called on hakkem, that would've been nice information to give me when this was being investigated. I unfortunately cannot right now access the full, exact round logs for this. Using the information I had at hand I made a judgement based on what was told by both sides. DNA while being absolute, is also highly, highly context sensitive information. You can look at it at face value, yes, but there's also so much more as to why they might've been killed.
  3. You seem nice enough from my experience in game. Haven't seen you do anything naughty yet either. I'll give you a +1 but I also suggest you ask some staff you're acquainted with more for a recommendation or feedback 🙂
  4. Btw you can add me as a staff recommendation now.
  5. Have you gone by other names on Flux? I've only seen you on recently so curious if so.
  6. You're a nice guy and I've never seen you break rules. +1
  7. Fun to play with and is nice, +1
  8. Huge -1. I'm going to be very, very blunt. The times i've interacted with you, you've been an asshole. A pretty huge asshole, to be entirely honest. Your track record is not clean, at all. You've given several staff a very bad impression of you from one particular instance too.
  9. Fuck no. -1. The amount of rules you break on a daily basis are numerous.
  10. augustus is such a good cat name lol. my little 1 year old DSH is called Astrid (everyone says awww that reminds me of how to train your dragon but i've never even seen that) ;-;
  11. whichever one you want me to be bb
  12. You may know me as Snake, but truthfully it's a coverup. I'm actually Fidel Castro, I escaped Cuba and decided to become a sit at home NEET who plays TTT. Here is my photo from 1961
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