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  1. A resounding +1. Nymodia would be an excellent staff member.
  2. I'm typing this from my phone so can't be bothered with fancy stuff like quotes etc. For the most part, I do agree with what you say. Starting off with my major issue with the server right now; Map variety. Frankly, it's next to non-existent. People vote Minecraft, Minecraft, Minecraft and more Minecraft. It's quite frustrating when there are far better maps in the selection. A buffer is much needed, and removal of some older, rarely played maps is much needed also. Removal of one of the community pools is also long overdue. I've been playing TTT since 2010 and have an enormous collection of absolutely fantastic maps that are hard to come by now that I can offer up as new selections. Stuff like desperados, trappy cottage, lost temple, Cloverfield, concentration camp (admittedly this map is.. contentious to say the least in 2020, but the layout is still top notch.), Space station, the list goes on. Gun balance is something I'd absolutely be willing to assist in, I have a relatively decent understanding of good balance, having run or co-ran a handful of servers in the past. Unique weapons is the major thing we need right now.. some guns are just near carbon copies or worse variants of other guns. Staff stuff is not the kind of thing I want to comment on, however. This kind of discussion is best left to the staff team themselves, and I know full well they're capable of coming up with solutions that will work for everyone in the end. Higashi and I often do not see eye to eye on things, but I can sure as shit admit he cares about the well-being and continuation of growth in the community. That much is entirely undeniable, and I do agree that we need to look retrospectively at some things with the server that need tweaks. This ended up a lot longer than I expected, but the short answer is, some mix-ups are needed with the server to keep things fresh right now. Primarily being maps and gun tweaks. Thank you for listening to my TED talk.
  3. Just add lost temple, server infinitely better
  4. +1. You're nice 99% of the time, know the rules and would be a good addition to the slave labo- uh I meant staff team
  5. +1. You're a cool dudeski and would be good staff.
  6. Koro deserves a second chance at this point, even if he's been a bit of an idiot by ban evading. Easy enough to just re-ban him if it comes to it.
  7. Naked Snake


    Hello newfriend, welcome to the forums
  8. What's changed between your last application? How are you different, what have you improved on?
  9. Bland and uninteresting. Too stock, no one would use it.
  10. Ok so, damage logs quite often do not accurately show if someone was killed by a barrel being shot. That makes things harder to determine. You never told me a KOS was called on hakkem, that would've been nice information to give me when this was being investigated. I unfortunately cannot right now access the full, exact round logs for this. Using the information I had at hand I made a judgement based on what was told by both sides. DNA while being absolute, is also highly, highly context sensitive information. You can look at it at face value, yes, but there's also so much more as to why they might've been killed.
  11. You seem nice enough from my experience in game. Haven't seen you do anything naughty yet either. I'll give you a +1 but I also suggest you ask some staff you're acquainted with more for a recommendation or feedback
  12. Btw you can add me as a staff recommendation now.
  13. Have you gone by other names on Flux? I've only seen you on recently so curious if so.
  14. You're a nice guy and I've never seen you break rules. +1
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