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  1. Server: TTT SteamID: STEAM_0:0:30738846 Reason for ban: Harassment Issuing staff member: Bocaj Ban length: Forever Appeal: Hi I would like to play new ttt looks very pogcooldog #cleanslate2021
  2. Server: TTT SteamID: 76561198021743420 Reason for ban: harassment/doxxing Issuing staff member: Bocaj Ban length: Permanent Appeal: Hi, its me, blip bl0p. I would like to appeal my ban that was set mid2019 I do regret what i did in the past as it was dumb. I am not sure if they still play but if they do I do apologise if i have caused issues and concerns in your life after what I did. I am not too sure what to say about it, as it is what it is and has happened out of frustration/anger, however it was NOT ok to do and should never have been done in the first place. I would like to come back to Flux TTT as i believe i have become a better person in general after joining and becoming a part of another AU community and letting go of my old toxic childish ways and would like to continue playing Flux TTT as imo it has the best gameplay and i truly miss it.
  3. He does have sexdaily (dyslexia jumbled up)
  4. Reading these comments make feel you’re just like me .. misunderstood mess with lots to give back to community +1, but u can no longer be minge since staff watching u
  5. Every mistake he makes = u take one of his precious AK’s and give it to someone
  6. Your everyone’s 2nd favourite coz I’m #1 shit poster +1 for being staff, actually active when I played and would make a great addition to staff, he’s not strict and knows how to muck around without ruining gameplay for others
  7. I think it should be classed as a bug, since you can’t change anything else in your loadout mid round
  8. Just remove player models and only have 1 default skin, - the Wookiee skin problem solved with Kos off skin problem
  9. they cant add this, its too glitchy from what i understand
  10. dark rp died in like a week a perp server would be cool though, its a slightly more serious version of darkRP but alot more fun, just need a decent sized map
  11. I think a Java minecraft server could be fun, just a normal pve server not hard to maintain/setup
  12. You can do that? I thought loadout changed at start of every round (when Teams are decided?)
  13. I like to believe there’s been an exploit for the coinflip, lost 12 in a row to Kramer I think it was, untill we swapped sides
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