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  1. He does have sexdaily (dyslexia jumbled up)
  2. Reading these comments make feel you’re just like me .. misunderstood mess with lots to give back to community +1, but u can no longer be minge since staff watching u
  3. Every mistake he makes = u take one of his precious AK’s and give it to someone
  4. Your everyone’s 2nd favourite coz I’m #1 shit poster +1 for being staff, actually active when I played and would make a great addition to staff, he’s not strict and knows how to muck around without ruining gameplay for others
  5. I think it should be classed as a bug, since you can’t change anything else in your loadout mid round
  6. Just remove player models and only have 1 default skin, - the Wookiee skin problem solved with Kos off skin problem
  7. they cant add this, its too glitchy from what i understand
  8. dark rp died in like a week a perp server would be cool though, its a slightly more serious version of darkRP but alot more fun, just need a decent sized map
  9. I think a Java minecraft server could be fun, just a normal pve server not hard to maintain/setup
  10. You can do that? I thought loadout changed at start of every round (when Teams are decided?)
  11. I like to believe there’s been an exploit for the coinflip, lost 12 in a row to Kramer I think it was, untill we swapped sides
  12. Do you donate to flux ttt? It’s the true symbol of loyalty and only then may u be a “regular” hi btw, I’m a ex regular at TTT, catch me on BHOP hitting some 660SSJ BRUH
  13. It’s only gonna fly off if you flick your mouse from underneath
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