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  1. @ magentasteadtler i just believe we need more straight male mods, not femboy furries, 7 is enough #timeforchange
  2. Good boy +1 staff always bully him into a trap to get him banned
  3. Sounds like what all the other staff say in their application “staff are not active when I play blah blahblah” then they’re active for like 2 weeks then get bored or something and you see them once a week as someone who spent a long time on this server, times without staff are nowhere near as bad as you say, you get those same players with staff on lol, there’s like 2 staff members who punish racism unless they’re spamming the N word rofl also you realise when you become mod, 80% of your game time becomes dealing with reports, 20% actually playing, take that into consideration
  4. Atleast someone’s active staff!
  5. Hi magnesium hope to see you around
  6. nothing you say will hurt me Aeyon - never asked for sympathy psychologist i saw 7 or 8 years ago did nothing exchept charge my already struggling parents 150$/hr, hows that for getting some help, but please you know me too well Aeyon
  7. neither have u lmaoooo i was only ever nice to u
  8. not sure what this has to do with anything but whowho used to hate me lol
  9. NOT COOL, speaking of "harassment" if you said this to a staff you would have been banned yea sure im gonna cut up my cards for my paypal account i use on the regular u baffoon, and no they wouldnt do that, you have no clue, they keep going till they're broke and have nothing left or someone intervenes and gets them help false news, she even admitted i never doxxed her in the discord, but u would have been too inactive to have known that
  10. guys im not denying i cheated lol I did it to stop my gambling addiction which has been an ongoing issue for me since i was 12 Which i think with proper preventative measures, can allow me to enjoy the game again
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