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  1. sorry for late btw i haven't checked these wrinkly ass forums lmao
  2. I feel like a lot of points Higashi brought up are extremely useful. The idea of implementing some Developers to actively work on the server would probably spark interest in keeping the community around and definitely a change to the map pool is necessary. I think it has been completely overstated that we need new Maps and I totally agree with @Wookie removing the most popular maps is a terrible idea because they are popular for a reason. I think we would need to work out a cool down especially on those Community Pool/ Minecraft maps to stop them from being overplayed and to keep TTT interesting. I think those ideas have been generally well accepted by the community at least in this post. Sure implementing new things will bring excitement to the server but I don't necessarily think an entire team dedicated to Guns is necessary. I think it should be up to the community and maybe a core group of developers to discuss issues with current guns and old guns and discuss what changes are needed. I think the issue of Inactive staff due to lack of Motivation or whatever reasoning is an issue. But the idea that somebody has actively signed up for the TTT servers as staff and has yet to play on it for months on end is a pretty clear indication that they are no longer interested in the community. If you are no longer interested in the community, why continue to be a staff member? I feel like its unfair to a core group of moderators who I constantly see day in day out on the server (even though as of recent i rarely join.) @Aeyon for example I always see taking care of the server especially when the majority of staff aren't active. I just feel as though if you were bored of the server and haven't joined TTT within 3-4 months why are you still apart of the community, surely management should have some kind of communication with inactive staff members to see reasoning? Menace doing all the development Solo isn't functional IMO and even though he does a great job there is only so much one person can do. Why not have a core group of 5 or so people that you can trust work on new things to keep the server interesting?? Minecraft servers would be good, I think keeping the community active on the forums with events such as giveaways and all that kind of jazz helped keep the community interesting for me at least in part. Who's to say that we don't have a game night every week where somebody hosts a game such as Jackbox/SCP/Whatever would help greatly. Interest in the server correlates with community interaction. I think the lack of these forms of interaction and consequentially lack of these small changes are the main reason why community's fall apart. Unfortunately Staff/Servers/Community has to keep evolving to spark interest. Because there is only so much of the same-same before regulars become inactive.
  3. yo menace add canyon rn bro that map is so good
  4. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=640507275&searchtext=Player+Model Take the Carl Johnson player model and use it thanks
  5. He did this exact same thing earlier when I was on to be honest.
  6. Yo ima +1 you but you needa switch off that cougar gear that shit straight chinese dog shit homie damn whats your PayPal. Anyway you are always on the TTT server and i think youd be alright as staff
  7. yo bring my bro home free that man from the cage we sick of the oppression
  8. +1 Hakkem kinda cool would love to see it
  9. Bunnings Warehouse where prices are just the beginning
  10. hello milk when i first encountered you on the server i spammed milk show me your milkers. This was because I have a very tiny brain and i find stupid shit very funny. I hope you didnt take any of that seriously. Picture of one of my fuzzy kittys for reference
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