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    my keyboard broke
  2. hello milk when i first encountered you on the server i spammed milk show me your milkers. This was because I have a very tiny brain and i find stupid shit very funny. I hope you didnt take any of that seriously. Picture of one of my fuzzy kittys for reference
  3. Whatever I post on this would be biased as I have know Snake for several years having been good friends/ co moderators on Dr James TTT. For the most part i find snake to be very responsible and even when issues have arose he has always rationalised and apologised when he believes he is the wrong. I think when in positions of power he can be a very responsible and tactful person, he will listen to reason and always has an open mind to other peoples perspective. There have been very rare occasions we have fought but when we have he (even if not immediately) will always be the first person to apologise and admit wrong doings. Verifying his experience on Dr James TTT, Snake was a very active moderator and was a great addition to the team. I cant remember a time where I didnt see him on the server putting in at times several hour s into ensuring the community was enjoying themselves and ensured everyone was following the rules. This at a time where he was a lot younger and now has matured a lot more. My sole concern is being a moderator previously why would he ever want to be one again? Honestly moderating drains all the fun out of the game, you said so yourself. From my own previous experience I would most definitely give him a +1. However as I said my opinion is incredibly biased. PS. Dont argue on your app you idiot, what are you doing?
  4. im a bit indifferent with you Koro, not really any good/bad experiences with you but good luck on the app bro hope this image helps discussion
  5. You know there is proof of this. I don't know why you would even try to argue this. The email itself is a testament to that. Several people can testify to what you were saying in the server last night. ITS YOUR FAULT FOR NOT PROTECTING YOURSELF Kappa. I seriously don't get that logic. This perfectly justify's snooping for her address, making a spam email account and sending it to her to intimidate her. Can we stop playing now and put down some genuine apps showing progress and admitting of wrong doings?
  6. Okay so to give this some context because i've been named dropped let me just say this. The Centrelink argument got you removed from her discord for being racist. I don't know whether that upset you or whatever? POST that you haven't said anything to me until yesterday when you were on Garry's Mod. Considering you don't have a mic and i think I might have missed some extra chat logs of you calling her a Catfish and some other stuff. Here is the logs that I have saved in text format (didn't bother to screenshot at the time as i didn't think it would escalate like this.) (sending in image format as it doesnt come out correctly on here.) In that said email you sent her some further derogatory comments and leaked an old address of hers. I think the worst bit about the entire thing is you still think this certain instance is a staff member trying to persecute you rather then fully understanding and admitting that opening emails sending someone there own personal information can cause distress and is harassment. As seen when you are playing dumb in the DM's. Also funny here when you inadvertently admit to the harassing email bit but deny doxing accusations by saying it was a random guess??? Considering I don't have any personal issues with you and I do consider you a cool guy for the most part, I really hope in future you see how problematic this kind of behaviour is and fix it rather then blaming other people. As for the permanent ban if it were this one instant i'd plead your case and say that it's unfair. However this isn't your first rodeo so I can't even say that. As a final note, hope for the best and you adjust your behaviour because as I said for the most part you are a cool dude.
  7. I feel bad for you partially Sox as you were on the server while 7 people + were spamming numbers and you happened to be one of the people who got into trouble for it (realising that you are still wrong regardless and mob mentality got the best of you.) I think the main issue is that you can't see how calling random numbers or giving your friends number over an online platform isn't problematic at all. A bit of cheeky bants isn't a good enough reason for you to justify that one. Coming from someone who was there calling you Shrimp, Carrotdick and probably 50% of TTT1 at the time idiots. I don't know what previous warnings/issues you've had with the server but I think a permanent is a bit harsh in my opinion.
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