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Koro Veno MAIN for Staff on TTT

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Server(s): TTT

SteamID: 76561197960287930

Age: 16

Total Hours Played on Flux: 120

Recommendation(s) from Staff:


About Koro Veno MAIN:

Yes, I'm back at it again after a couple of days from being denied but here is why I think I would be good as moderator

- Honest            - Fun

- Helpful           - Responsible 

- Active            - Tries to avoid arguments


Reason for Application:

I feel like TTT needs more active moderators, and yes, while I understand they have other things to do, I could be there most afternoons regularly and keep the server clean. The admins are really good when they come on but honestly I don't think its enough.

Yes Dr. Zoidberg said I was a bit conflicting during my last application and I agree, I have been working on it for the health of the community.

Some people pointed out that my first application must have been about my VAC bans, which here are the reasons for them; My account has been hacked on 2 occasions, banning me both off Modern Warfare 2 and rust which I was guttered about. It really sucked and I hated it.

But I understand the Staff have their own opinions and its how the cookie crumbles.


Previous Experience (if applicable):

Manages Streaming for a Gaming Team

Moderator for a solid day on Arcadia before it shut down 2 years ago (Its back up under new owners now)

Project Manager for my IST project (I run the class)



Thank you Sazzag, Muffin Man and BigAidy for your endless support. It means a lot

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On 7/30/2019 at 5:26 PM, Koro Veno MAIN said:

Quoted: "entire application"

please make him a mod he is on 24/7 and he does a lot for this server and i think your all making a mistake he should of been mod ages ago

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Quoting Zoidberg from Koro Veno Main's staff application denied 2 days ago: I'm also getting a "Sucking Up" Vibe from you. Koro initialized a FluxTTT# 'gofundme' to bribe Cooltank for a recommendation: https://ibb.co/ChCP88g. The staff application has been approached with considerable disregard for recommendation requirements and I wouldn't like to see this behavior endorsed in the future. -1



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1 minute ago, -Predzee- said:

denied 2 days ago

Actually this application was posted just before 48 hour mark, I think it was at the 47 hour mark. That is a ridiculous attempt as trying again. If you are denied again, I recommend you wait a bit before you reapply and try and work on the feedback that was given to you by the community.

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I really don't understand why you have made another application less than 2 days after being denied. You claim you made the app again because you love the server but you haven't taken time to work on the feedback the community has given you. Surely you don't expect the outcome to change in the span of a day or two. 

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