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Game Meme giveaway

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Alright big bois and lil gurls its game time.


This is a COMPETITION and not a raffle or quiz.

I want you media savvy people to make a Flux meme, anything Flux touches; TTT, Discord, specific users etc.


Memes MUST be posted in this thread to be eligible.


Games that are winnable can be seen in the below pastebin



Prizes are as follows

First Place: 5 Games

Runner Up: 3 Games

Community chosen favourite: 1 game each


There will be 1 community favourite for every 4 entries.


To vote for an entry please login to your forum account and click like on the comment.


Entrants will select their prizes from the list in order of prize value (First chooses first, then runner up etc)


Entries are limited to 1 entry per calendar day, if you miss a day that's tough titties, this is judged from AEST time so take this into account when posting below.


Reposting a meme someone has already submitted is not allowed and will DQ that submission.


Entries open until 12:01am July 11.

Voting period is from 12:01am July 11 to 12:01am July 17.

Winners announced by 12:01am July 18.

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