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Dwight (baked) - Staff Application

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TTT 1 & 2


Steam name: 

Dwight (formerly known as 'baked', mostly known as 'Retz'.)









1: Aeyon (removed)

2: ??? 


Tell us about yourself.

- I'm Retz, and I've played Gmod for a good 8 years now and in that time TTT has been by far my most played game mode with well over 1500 hours on it. 

I don't really do much of anything IRL right now, I'm waiting to get into Uni and don't have a job, so really all I do all day is play games, watch videos, and hang out with friends.

I have to admit, I'm a pretty bland person in-game, I don't really socialize on the servers when I play on them, I just get on, play the game, and that's it. I'm very active in-game, but not so much on the discord (except for the occasional @TTT Mods to ask for help). 


Why do you want to become staff?

- Because I've noticed that a lot of the time when I'm on the servers there's no staff on. I'd have to assume that this is because the staff actually have lives and can't be on TTT constantly, but luckily I don't and I can be (feelsbadman). My hope would be that I can fill in those gaps where other staff can't play so there's no point where there's no staff on the servers. I do not want staff so I can have 'power' or anything like that, I just want to be able to help out this server I've come to really enjoy to the best of my ability, and Mod would give me the ability to do more then just ask for other staff's assistance and actually deal with the problem head-on.

I understand that some people might not have the highest of hopes for me after my last application, but I can promise you that my abundance of experience in TTT and in staffing TTT servers would prove me to be a very competent and reliable Moderator that would meet your requirements and more.

Since my last application, I've taken the advice and criticisms I had received from other players and used them to better myself on the server. I've been warned a single time and slain probably like 3 times (for accidental RDMs) in the last couple of months since my application, so I hope that shows just how much I've improved. 


Do you have a microphone and how often do you use it?

- I have a microphone, but I much prefer to type over talking (just personal preference). 

If this is a problem, I can easily transition to using my microphone more often. 


How many hours do you have on Flux Servers?

- At the time of writing up this application, I have 273 hours playtime on the server (Elite). 


Have you previously been a staff member on any Gmod servers?

I've been staff on a lot of Gmod servers previously, the main ones being:

- Poseidon Servers TTT (Mod for a little over a year until resigning)

- Poseidon Servers DarkRP (Mod)

- StarByStar Gaming HogwartsRP (Mod for a little over a year, then Admin for a short time before resigning)

Notable positions on Non-Gmod games:

- Moderator on FiveM (GTA V) server called OzzyGaming.

- Forum Admin on StarByStar Gaming 

- Staff on many other games & servers (way too many to list). 


Lastly, I'd like to bring up my last staff application. I did not realize it at the time, but I came off as being hostile in my replies to people on my application and was even accused of 'harassing' people. I'm sorry that some people felt that way, but I'd just like to say that this was not my intention in the slightest. I am not proud at all of how I conducted myself and some of the things I said, and I truly am sorry to anyone I may of offended. 

I don't expect everyone to forgive me, but since then I have talked it out with the players directly involved and we've worked things out between us and are on good terms.

I hope people can give their unbiased opinion on this application and not judge me for how I acted back then but instead judge me on how I've been acting recently because I truly believe I've improved myself immensely since my last application. 

However, If people -1 me because of how I acted back then that's completely fine because it's my fault and mine alone.



Anyways, that's my application. 

Any and all feedback is appreciated.



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Aeyon had previously given me a recommendation (link below) but has now asked me to remove it. I was under the impression that the recommendation he gave me a while back was still valid. 

In the off chance that there's another staff member that would like to recommend me, please let me know. I truly think I'd make a great addition to the staff team because of my previous staff experience and amount of time I'd be available to staff (pretty much all the time). 

If nobody else wants to recommend me, go ahead and lock this thread. 





At least I tried, I guess. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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I don’t know what happened 2 months ago, but I’m assuming it’s a failed trial moderator application. I was right.


I have to criticize this application because over the 2 weeks I’ve regularly played, I’ve never noticed you. As a regular, you should be guiding newer players, referencing them to the tutorial or the motd. Something along the lines of this: Press f1 for a tutorial and type “!motd” to understand the server rules @ player. I couldn’t argue you’ve been a significant contributor to the community.


Reading your past trial moderator application, I’m wary because you said “I think I’d make a great staff member for the sole reason that I’m available to staff the server when the large majority of the other staff aren’t.” This is a Generic application: Oh, you have a shortage of staff members, and I could fill the gap, and really help the community. How could you help the community? 


My other concern is that you’ve come in here without a recommendation, or you’ve taken advantage of Aeyon, using the recommendation for your previous application that was denied. Your image shows a recommendation from 2 months ago before you made your first appeal. I don’t trust you. This looks like a power trip because you’re not prepared to take the proper steps to becoming a staff member. If you can’t nail the fundamentals of making a staff application, how do you expect to nail becoming a staff member? You can’t follow simple instructions. 


Where did you come from Cotton Eye Joe?

-1 because of perceived lack of contribution to the community

-1 because I think you knowingly lied about the recommendation.

-1 because of your generic answer to Why Do I Want to Become Staff?

+1 because of his friendly response to Aeyon on this application.


You’re still on -2. You’ll have to make that up somewhere else.

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Im not sure a 'generic' answer is a reason to -1, with a 3rd server added Flux needs more staff, having some sort of 'exceptional' reason to be a mod isnt going to come from 90% of applicants.


I do have to add, I dont see you in the discord, you do use your mic and I do have fun when you're on the same server, though.

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predzee, clearly you dont know the situation and please dont make assumptions on what has happened with the recommendation, i did give it to him a while ago and he was under the impression he could still use the one I gave him.

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