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Psycho Wolfe Staff Application.

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Server: TTT


Steam name: Flux | Psycho Wolfe


SteamID: STEAM_0:0:468608204


Age: 22



1: NotZed

2: Cooltank


Tell us about yourself.

- My names Sara and I'm 22 years old and I've been playing games since I was about 4 years old. I started gaming on the Nintendo 64 and then moved to PC. I play on both current gen consoles and PC these days. I've been playing Garry's Mod coming up to 9 years now, and started playing TTT that same year.


Why do you want to become staff?

- I would like to become a staff member on Flux TTT as I quite enjoy playing on the server and I like the community. I've noticed a lot of the time that I'm on there are no staff and I would like to lend a hand as I'm able to be on most hours of the day.


Do you have a microphone and how often do you use it?

- I do have a microphone however I rarely use it. I don't think I've used it on the server yet.


How many hours do you have on Flux Servers?

- At the time of typing this I have 67 hours.


Have you previously been a staff member on any Gmod servers?

- I've been staff on a couple servers.

Owner: Demonic Gaming - TTT, Deathrun and DarkRP. Afterlife Gaming - TTT and DarkRP and Bhop.

Head of Staff/Staff Manager: Exiled Gamers - TTT, Deathrun, F2S and DarkRP

Admin: SlyGaming - TTT and DarkRP

Mod: SlyGaming - Deathrun. Kingzz TTT

Was also a tmod on a Star Wars RP server that I cannot for the life of me remember the name of. Server shutdown before I was made a full mod.

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+1 Wolfe has been an excellent part of the community in my time playing on flux, Always active and playing by the rules. Enforcing rules when they need to be enforced mostly due to explicit language in chat. Couldn't speak highly enough of wolfe and has been great to play with. Will make a fantastic addition to the staff and will go above and beyond for the server

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Vote changed from a +1 to -1.


My main reasoning behind this is because on several different occasions I've seen Psycho RDM Cooltank on purpose. Now I know that Cooltank consents to this or at the very least puts up with it, but this should not be happening regardless, especially between a staff candidate and an actual staff member. 

I've seen other normal players RDM their mates even though they consented to it and get slain for it (because it's still RDM, consent or no consent), so I don't see why Psycho should be treated any differently to these other players. 


I also find that the application itself is a good indicator of the person and how much they're invested into getting the staff position, but it looks like Psycho put no more than 5 minutes into her application before submitting it, so that's not a good sign for me personally. 


These above events + some prior events give me the impression that Psycho doesn't fully understand the rules, or at the very least is unwilling to accept them.


(final edit)

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While you've been off of Garry's Mod for a while, in the recent few days I've seen you on I've noticed a few things


- You are actively, getting involved in the community

- You have a understanding of the rules

- You Follow the rules almost all the time

- You get staff when they are required


There are more things to list, however I can't call them to mind currently. You are a great player I haven't had to slay or punish you yet. You have a fair chunk of experience under your belt and you'd make a great staff member.

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+1, Overall is a very nice person to play with. As Baked Bean has said "Psycho has a tendency to hold grudges against players", I've personally believed this myself, however it is wrong. I guess it's easy to misread or misunderstand her intentions.


I believe that she would make a wonderful addition to the team!

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Can't seem to find any rules about how long you gotta be here to vote on this stuff, but Psycho seems to be on all the goddamn time from my perspective. Plus, she's certainly pretty chill from what I've seen. First time I came on, I thought she was already an admin. Certainly has that air about her. Probably because she uses proper grammar and explains things.


So it's a +1 from me.

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