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fondest gmod moments / memory/ies

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considering we're essentially all here because of this game, i'd like to know some of your fondest moments you've had while playing it. whether it'd be a funny time you had in a server or a person you've met, i'd like to hear all about it:)

not to sound like a PUSSY but mine have always the people i've met and continue to meet. i met a group of people in 2013 whom i then started skyping with, sometimes while i'd be in class when i was in school. we became close, i ended up managing the community we met on and they became my staff team. this year will now be 9 years since i first started playing games with them and when i turned 18, they surprised me by flying to my state to celebrate it with me. that's more than what i can say for some of the people i grew up with. since then, i meet up with them annually (apart from covid) in melbourne where we spend about a week going out and stuff. i would die for them

i still meet pretty poggers people and i am thankful for that:) 

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Noobonic plague. The OG, the greatest darkRP server to ever exist. Years later I'm still finding out people I didn't even know at the time and didn't even know played Gmod, used to play on the server, and that we'd met and done shit together or had beef and raided each other heaps. 

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On 1/10/2022 at 5:35 AM, BlipBlop said:

Getting gmod and Playing deathrun for the first time before auto hop was a normal server feature and watching people prespeed with their +left binds and skip half the maps in 5 seconds and being like 


😮 teach me



then probably PERP server we all used to play on and have shootouts over some weed and meth farms 

Excited for your unban mate?

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Generally just meeting people and making longtime friendships, even a few that play here now, known them for up to 5ish years. Expanding a generic internet friendship into meeting IRL and forming closer bonds. Just a shame I can't legally headshot them then and there :feelsbad: (satire)

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