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On 7/28/2021 at 4:36 PM, Sophie dumb bish supreme said:

I would also highly suggest you condense these spur of the moment ideas for gun mods and whatnot into one thread that you continually add to. It's a bit absurd to create a new thread just for every single idea you have pop up, when you can just have a "Meru's random suggestions and ideas" thread where you can condense everything and keep clutter down.

Ok? i can post if id like man 

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Yeah if you held it people around you would flop and if you walked on them/put a prop on them they'd be crushed or you could throw it into a crowd and watch them all flop. So much fun, hope to see it make a return.

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This is the exact same as the TTT Death Faker, creates a ragdoll of you and effects the scoreboard if the body is Id'd. But I dont think having it last for 10 seconds would do any good?

I dont think this is an effective suggestion overall, and I am necro posting since this was in 2021. But its still up so heh

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