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  1. Hellow everyone ill see you all tomorrow I'm coming back to steal money xoxo See you soon Dove,Whowho,M3 And devastator
  2. is that the one that would just ragdoll the whole area and was broken yes i do miss that dumb shit
  3. +1 Sounds like a great mod and knows what they are doing looking forward to see ya
  4. i love ya gave mooney to da poor
  5. bahahahahahahhahahaahhah FUCK YEAH
  6. Ok? i can post if id like man
  7. witch one am i Cause to me your my bullet magnet
  8. 3. There are over 30 guns sitting in my shed, majority of which are shotguns or high calibre rifles. i feel like this aint it 1.I have 1.1mil to my name 2.i,ll be getting married in a few years 3. My father was an ex-Mafia leader
  10. fair enough i can see that now it would break tf out of the game
  11. you bassically turn into a rag doll but you cannot be picked up and u cans till be shot cost 1 point
  12. i T shop item that lets u be fake dead for 10 sec
  13. sorry i meant im coming back to the sever cause ive been gone for a while
  14. Oh...no hope ya get unbanned mate love ya R.I.P
  15. ill be back within 3 weeks see yall soon xoxo
  16. These are some guns that could be added (1911) (M4A) (Thompson) (spaz)
  17. you fun to play with and the amount of times your FAT BEAN has gotten in my crossfire. hope yo see you once im back
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