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  1. These are some guns that could be added (1911) (M4A) (Thompson) (spaz)
  2. you fun to play with and the amount of times your FAT BEAN has gotten in my crossfire. hope yo see you once im back
  3. you'd be a great mod and don't we all make racist comments and shit like that anyways he has every right to be a mod and will be a great one
  4. (Instant reload) i think it could use a 5% or 10% buff (Fire burning) 5% buff (reversal) -5 (Vampire) healing increases by 3 Just a thought
  5. +1 Couldnt agree more a great guy follows rules like 90% of the time and is a great fit for mod and knows things about the game
  6. Static) makes peoples screen see static a few times randomly after being shot 10%
  7. I'm taking a break from PC either few Weeks or Months

  8. WhoWho im seeing my gf a lot more and all im taking a break from PC you may see me in a few weeks or months but ill always bring mod ideas and random dumb shit
  9. (HeadCrab) Dead body's can 10% to have a HeadCrab attack (Shatter) bullets can shoot out of someone like a trap after killing them IM RUNNIBNG OUT OF DUNMB IDEAD
  10. indeed it would be it would be so hard to handle
  11. Imagine if we could make it more than 32 people at once Just imagine 100 i think that would make all mods lose hope in life and just leave And is there a way to make severs bigger than 32?
  12. (Hard Hit) has a chance to make a person have a decent nock back (Zero Gravity) Has a 15% chance for the enemy to float for a few seconds and on open maps high enough to take some fall DMG (Reversal Shield) Has a 10% chance of a bullet bouncing off you (Silent Shot) On a head shot the bullet is silent and the enemy makes no sound after being killed (Shadow) After being lowed to 20Hp you will go invisible or it could be after u are on 5HP and get a kill so its harder to be used
  13. For an AUS sever i will not lie its a very fun sever our owner is great so as most of the moderators mainly the new ones but also to wolfy KAT and Coinz Tim majority of the mods are great Monk good luck on becoming a MOD and the sever is overall just really fun and one of the best AUS TTT severs I've seen basically all problems are solves within 3 days. menace being a great owner and looking after his sever good job you've built a fun also toxic but great community your all great people to play with M3 Dove u both will be missed LOVE THIS SEVER. As once said GIVE ME MONEY
  14. (instant reload) could be nice to have 5% or 10% boost (Extra Shot) Has a chance To shoot and extra bullet with the following so there a chance for one shot two shoot 2 Maybe there could be more LMG's or suppressed guns maybe? (Pause) Can make someone still for 5 seconds (T Weapons) (HeadCrab) launcher has 5 shots with a 4 second cooldown letting u shoot headcrabs that only kill D-INO (Physics grenade) grabs all props in a raids and some players and shoots them all out (Ammo Drop) after killing someone they will drop the ammo needed
  15. (Lightning) this will give a shockwave to a player and if there are more near by it will hit them to as a chain reaction the max is 4 players.. (Dead Eye) give u a chance for your bullets to lock on for a short amount of time (Earthquake) make the other player screen shake making it much harder for the player (Teleport) when u hit 5 HP you teleport away from the person whop has put u down to that HP (Sudoku) a player has a very small chance to explode after dying the same radius of a barrel
  16. hey taking a mini break from pc i will miss you all XX wont be too long and ill still give out my idea
  17. so the player will take dmg every few seconds and stoping at the same time then the screen gets really dark blue
  18. I love this sever I've been on it for a few years now and the improvement's its gone through is amazing and i love playing daily i may not be good noir the smartest player i will not lie i do make heaps of dumb decisions I do apologise for those but in general I just love having a fun time with everyone
  19. Mr Plow hasn't been on in awhile haven't seen him has he died?
  20. (Freeze) has a 20% chance of taking DMG and your screen will be hard to see from (Last shot) your last bullet dose an extra 5 DMG increase (Smoke) after dying or killing someone a cloud of smoke will appear not sure on the % (disable) the enemies gun will stop firing for 3 seconds
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