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skittle for Staff on TTT

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Server: TTT

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:199541101

Age: 18

Current Server Level: 15

Recommendation(s) from Staff:


Jaska V


About skittle:


i'm skittle (you may know me as StrangeFruits), im 18, currently in year 12 and you could say that i have a gaming addiction 😛 after i complete high school, i'm interested in university courses for software development or cyber security. i used to be a R6S Challenger League player and coach, but stopped playing due to falling out of love with the game due to the direction the devs were taking it. i've been frequently playing on the server for the past few weeks. i feel that i get along with the staff and most people on the server and i really enjoy playing with everyone. i believe i could have a positive influence on the server and for the community overall.



Reason for Application:


i've played on the server a fair bit and i've always felt more aligned with the staff regarding rules than most other community members. i've seen many good people playing in the community, but i've also seen a lot of appalling behaviour, to say the least - i greatly respect the staff on the server, and i know that the staff do everything they can to keep things civil in-game, but there are many a time i've seen a lack of staff on the server, and i feel i would be a good candidate for a new staff member.

i'm making this application because i believe that, despite my relative lack of experience on Garry's Mod in particular, i believe that i would be a valuable member to the team.

for those who know me, they would support me when i say that i take the rules very seriously, and i am capable  being serious and professional when required. i try my best to look at all problems from an unbiased, fair position and i hold no grudges because i believe that all people deserve chances, especially in an online game where most people are just messing around, and i understand that. 

at times there have been no staff on servers to moderate, and i would be willing to go on whenever i can to help out anyone who needs it.



Previous Experience:


while i may not have much experience moderating on a Garry's Mod server, i have hosted, and currently host, many game servers for different games (no one near as big as Flux, but at times I have had decent sized communities). regardless of my experience, i am always trying to learn and improve, and i am a very fast learner.



Additional Comments:


i know that most people don't get accepted as staff, and i know that i likely won't be accepted, but if i am, i will do my best to fulfil my role to the best of my abilities.


I have been told that I should explain why I haven't played too much recently - that is because I am currently in the middle of HSC year and have my HSC trials currently, so I haven't been playing as much, but I will be back on normally soon.


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+1 You are a very mature person and take the game seriously, you also seem to get along with the majority of the playerbase and are one of the most active players on the server.


Not sure if there is a minimum time constraint on how long you should have been playing on the server prior to applying but I can definately see you making a good addition to the staff team either way. All the best for your application.

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1 hour ago, Nick said:

Neutral - Seem like a decent guy to play with and very friendly. My only concern is your activity towards the server and community. 26mins playtime in the last week isn't too good of a sign. Best of luck tho.

Yeah, my activity this week hasn't been good just because I am in the middle of HSC trials and also wanted a little break from Gmod, but my activity will increase within the next week or two 🙂

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