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Stealth for Staff on TTT

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Server: TTT

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:88736612

Age: 16

Current Server Level: 16

Recommendation(s) from Staff:


About Stealth:


I am from New Zealand I enjoy playing golf on Sundays when I'm not at golf I'm normally on my computer I like science and maths



Reason for Application:


the reason why I want to apply for staff is because I am on your server a lot of the time and I am wanting to try help the server deal with the people that are rdming when there is no staff on the server I get on and there is normally a staff member on but the longer I play they get off then they disconnect and then the people that are new to the server just go around shooting people I am also looking to become more involved with the community the strengths i have is that I am unbiased I'm friendly and I'm good in confusing situations and I can deal with 2 people screaming at each other if it is needed.



Previous Experience:


I have a little amount of experience of being a staff member on a TTT server but I have got a lot of experience from other servers on MRP Imperial and Jedi vs Sith on a server by the name of icefuse but other then that i have no experience



Additional Comments:

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