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  1. +1 tho the fact that you didnt mention your cat on the last one makes me think your abit of a racist
  2. Would +1 but application seems kinda low effort and no staff reccomends thus I cannot recommend
  3. Server: Discord SteamID: STEAM_0:1:44157040 Reason for ban: misues of the trading discord subsection Issuing staff member: Aeyon Ban length: pernament (from the trading subsection) Appeal: I am appealing the trade chat ban on my discord account the queen of spain. I believe the punishment does not fit the crime and I would like the mods to take a closer look at this. All i did was reply the word eek in the trade chat in response to the guy asking for weed. I apologize for this however i thought the guy had posted this in general chat (it was stupid o
  4. I don't believe i ever implied this. Context matters strawberry #wrecked
  5. This is a misquote. I believe i said this is why we should beat OUR kids. Get your quotes right Mr. Strawberry. Destroyed by facts and logic
  6. If you were truly sorry you'd take the punishment mr. Eshay
  7. Sup guys, Nathanial here, aka the one mentioned in this post. I felt the need to respond to this post as I believe you've misrepresented some of what happened in this situation Scion. First of all, I never actually prop-killed anyone. I was mucking about with a barrel pushing people around on ttt_rooftops, but I never once killed anybody, just pushing them around on the platforms (that means i never pushed anyone to their deaths or prop killed by throwing props into them.) This is when you and a couple of other players, most notably BRRRRT, decided to start constantly kosing me, killing m
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