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Kintarwoe for Staff on TTT

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Server: TTT

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:26463339

Age: 33

Current Server Level: 18

Recommendation(s) from Staff:


About Kintarwoe:

To my knowledge I am the oldest player of flux TTT. I work from home and run my own devops business which leaves me with scattered amounts of free time throughout the night and day, which has me on the server quite frequently. I like TTT because of the role that knowledge and proof plays in the game, that the game requires both thought and intuition. 


Reason for Application:

Lately playing the game there has been a lot of people who abuse the server. I often find myself on when no other mods are on the server, and thought by becoming one I could help. I always treat the game honourably and I believe time has proven my intentions are to regard the rules and what is fun about TTT. As an old fart I am quite mature and can handle a mod position without going mad with power.


Previous Experience:

I have never been a mod on a gmod server, I did have my own Minecraft server once, I also had my own hl2dm server once. I was a moderator on the Team Fortress 2 server 'Hitler's 2fort' a long time ago.


Additional Comments:

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/unretard Okay I am rarely helpful but here goes cause he deserves it. The flux staff team rarely makes good decisions but making Kintarwoe a mod would easily be one of them. He is not only one of the more mature players on the server, but he also plays frequently and actually communicates with other players. He follows the rules very well, I have never been purposefully RDMed by him and I will commonly do everything in my power to get others to kill me. Everyone always makes mistakes in game but Kintarwoe is quick to admit to them and try to resolve them.

Also he was a mod on Hitlers Jewfort which was a respectable server and the name is really cool.

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+1 I really wanted you to just get t-mod via a staff drive early on in the server release, due to your dedication, qualities and past staff application being swept under the rug due to new server (obvsly). Its good to see you still have motivation to staff and help out the community.

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