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Relish Flux for Staff on TTT Vanilla

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Server(s): TTT Vanilla

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:83562796

Age: 14

Total Hours Played on Flux: 123

Recommendation(s) from Staff: Higashi


About Relish Flux:

I am active and do jump start.


Reason for Application:

Vanilla needs more staff, more active staff that is.


Previous Experience (if applicable):

None at all.



I've just tried to get veteran so I haven't played vanilla in a bit, Also taylor read what server I'm applying to before you throw a massive tantrum or I'll buy you your pacifier you've been whining about.

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Like your previous staff application you still don't meet the age requirement for staff on FluxServers.
i'd also advise you to not add any direct negative comments about any user on your staff application as it reflects poorly on your character and hurts your chances of becoming a successful applicant.

I hope you take this feedback seriously and wait till you meet the age requirements for staff before applying again. 

thank you for applying.

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