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BruhMoment for Staff on TTT

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Server(s): TTT

SteamID: 76561198073368557

Age: 18

Total Hours Played on Flux: 218

Recommendation(s) from Staff: None


About BruhMoment:


i am out of school and currently doing work experience at Bunning's warehouse. I enjoy playing a large variety of video games, and really enjoy Gmod, with nearly 900 hours in it; the majority of it spent on ttt. I love cats, junk food, terraria and helping people out. i spend the majority of my time at home on the internet or ingame.



Reason for Application:


I decided to apply because i really appreciate this community and would like to keep it the least toxic it can be for everyone involved! i have read and understood the rules and i always try to follow them to the best of my ability and i am often bothered by all the people who break said rules when i am online and there are no staff members online. i believe i would be a good staff member as i am available nearly every single day; any hour of the day, and i enjoy helping people out and keeping people in line and to make sure the gameplay is enjoyable for everyone in the community. i will nearly always be available and i hope to improve this server, and myself.



Previous Experience (if applicable):


Trial mod
-Poseidon TTT

-5head TTT

I also have experience of moderation from minecraft, terraria and discord servers and have owned my own minecraft server that i supported for a 1 year with 20+ players.




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7 hours ago, Wookie said:

I'm curious now, roughly whereabouts is ya Bunnings store?

Morayfield, outer Brisbane area

3 hours ago, Higashi said:

Any previous names you may have had? I don't remember you applying for Poseidon TTT mod at all my guy

Dont remember most my names but this was like, 2-ish+ years ago? i was only there for like 1 month after. then i stopped playing gmod altogether up until, like, 2 months ago?

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