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Rules regarding DNA in TTT

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So I'm a little bit confused what the rules are for DNA. According to detective rule No. 5 "Detectives need a DNA scan on a dead innocent or Detective body before calling a KOS on a player.". Now in a match of TTT I obtained DNA from a body:

[01:03] BroccoliBrocky [detective] has retrieved the DNA of Hakkem | Flux [traitor] from Luigibro26's body [innocent]

Now I was slain because apparently this "16:11:19 - Admins to (Staff): Snake: You're being slain for killing someone who killed someone who blew up the detective"  

I've checked the logs for that round and Luigibro26 hadn't killed or damaged anyone. So I was slain for killing Hakkem who killed Luigibro26 because (blank) Blank because the last part of this statement is false.

What I'm trying to say really is, is DNA 100% absolute regardless of anyones story (since people can lie especially if they're a traitor) on your server or should I live in fear of using it because of the possibility of getting slain.



As for the rule above:

"Detectives need a DNA scan on a dead innocent or Detective body before calling a KOS on a player" CHECK

Luigibro26 [innocent]. CHECK

KOS called on Hakkem | Flux [traitor]. CHECK

Looks really straight forward to me and all the boxes have been check on that.

 but yet was slain. 0.o



I don't really know how to show what the date was on this for easy access but it was 11th October between 3:30pm-4pm on Community Bowling last round.

Not gonna get all upset about a slay but the rules for DNA needs to be clearly specified in the rules so confusing like this doesn't happen again. So if this could be cleared up that would be great cobba.

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So I'll tell this from my side.

I killed Luigi as he shot an explosive barrel which then killed a detective. I asked him about it as I heard his gun shoot and didn't wait for a response and then shot him in the head, as I was a T.

As Snake said, DNA needs backstory and I tried to give that to you when I said Luigi shot a barrel, yet you didn't listen, hence the report.

Obviously being a T doesn't help my side. However I would have done this even if I was an innocent, albeit I would have been more patient and waited for an actual answer.


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I mean in that situation you technically killed off of sus, hense your death. 

I kill anyone who kills an inno, if its clear you've killed an inno then im going to shoot and kill you no questions, but that's only my side, don't follow my example kiddos 🙂

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DNA is synonymous with a KOS unless the attacker had a valid reason to kill the victim which was publicly identified in chat (Note: This does not count for Detectives. Killing and/or being fired upon by a Detective is an active KOS - DNA from a Detective's body is an active KOS). In my opinion, the Detective shouldn't be responsible for the death of an Innocent if the Innocent did not publicly declare it acted accordingly in text/voice chat as the Detective would act without context. BUT THAT'S JUST A GAME THEORY! 🏁


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