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DamageDrop Off- Drop off a cliff, DropOff

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It's very weird that with my 50cal bullet, in my siderarm by the way,  I am not able to kill someone from a certain distance, very weird and realistically a bad decision from a developing standpoint. Damage drop off is quite literally horrible in almost everyway. Even if the damage drop off has to stay the damage dealt with a hs being only half HP is bonkers, ludicrous even. It should at least be 80-90% of their HP since it just doesnt make sense to be so low, its almost like I am hitting them with a nerf gun. Quite literally almost everybody hates this feature (other than a few, whose prefrontal cortex still needs development), and myself included, quite frankly believes this to be true, a factual statement. In the most polite way, I believe that its quite the rombustius cancer that has brewed in our community, the worst we have seen in the modern age of TTT, infact I would argue it's worse than the crouch jump spamming era of old.

So please, if you, your mother, your father and even your alive (or dead) grandparents still have some resemblence of not having slowly developed mental capacity syndrome (SDMCS), please revert these changes, make the good- no make the great, even greater. This post isn't sponsored, but it might as well fucking be. Thank you for hopefully making the right choice in this, I hope the community can also get a voting option on this decision so that we can atleast give it a fair go of change, we are after all a community based within democracy.


I even wrote a semi-haiku to suite:


Drop Off is Quite shit

Delete your decision fast

Or eat my fat ass

Thank you,

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Neutral about this.

Honestly for a game thats supposed to prioritise thinking/reasoning over just killing everyone it sometimes just feels like you're going up against an aimbot. Could also argue that its not a good idea to have one gun fulfilling both long and short range options.

But at the same time if you're skilled you shouldn't be unduly disadvantaged for it either. There's a few examples of other games where over casual'fying it has killed it. 

But then again TTT is a casual game by heart  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Yeah the range is a bit on the short side 

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