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  1. So I've heard the maximum level is 15 for weapons, does that mean that the maximum number of rolls is essentially 3 (5, 10, 15)? What happens beyond that, and what if we want to replace a mod beyond level 15, is it possible to reroll at all? If this is the case, are there any plans to change this system to let us reroll more? It'd really suck to have an otherwise great weapon with a permanently scuffed mod, especially when you go through the effort of levelling it up. Asking coz I rolled a deploy 1 on my glitched bizon (which only has fire 3) at level 5, so I've only got 2 more rolls basically. Also would it be better for me to use my mod remover now rather than risk getting deploy 2, or does the system prioritise adding new slots instead? Thanks
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    Awesome, thanks!
  3. Ay, dunno why but I've finally decided to make an account on here. Been playing for ages on the old flux servers then took a hiatus when Gmod was dead for a while, some ppl here prolly already know me. Loving the new changes and weapon systems so far. Might donate, might see if I can apply for trusted one day (is that even possible?), idk. Bit of a lurker tbh, but I'm around. Also for some odd reason, the username "Limbo" has already been taken as well. Weird.
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