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  1. Relatively new player to the server however he has been pretty good so far, have had very few problems with him, a bit quiet at times, but hes also quite skilled +1
  2. People are unhappy because as a species we stumble over each other at every opportunity to eradicate stress and increase comfort. We do this because we believe that happiness springs out of that void where stress has been snuffed out. The problem is we need stress to grow, because happiness is the sensation of growth that comes directly from having undertaken a personal challenge. Happiness is a very real thing, but many of us confuse it with something very different. That is pleasure, and it is always fleeting. As such, many of us chase things that give us this short-term, chemical pleasure sensation, believing this to be happiness, when most of those things — more money, drugs, cigarettes — make us feel indifferent at best and usually much worse. We need to feel alive. We need to maintain good energy. Energy springs from triumph over stress. Like a muscle strengthens from stress to the muscle fibres, so do we as humans strengthen through challenges overcome. You don’t need to be smiling or laughing to feel alive, to benefit the world and to feel deeply fulfilled, though you inevitably will do when you have energy anyway. For happiness, we must strive for doing what needs to be done in the face of challenge, large or small, and this must be a continual process. Expansion of mind, strengthening of body, until the end. Happiness is not something you arrive at. It represents maintained aliveness from doing the things that keep us developing in the very personal ways we need, so that we are valuable to the people around us. Remember life isn't fast, it isn't slow either, but hopefully we all find our path together, as one big egg, and all of us are just tiny sperm, working our hardest, to make the world grow. thank you flux.
  3. +1 I would love to see doma return as well, I think him being gagged/muted for the remainder of his sentence would be a good compromise just so he understands the values of his words, plus I think most of the people who regularly play, including the top players at the game miss having to worry about domas skill and technical abilities lurking about within the round of TTT.
  4. Server: TTT SteamID: smittlesboyz1 Reason for ban: Abuse via report Issuing staff member: Ban length: 1 day Appeal: habibi pls سأكون جيد
  5. so uh, um hi and i would just like to suggest this one here --> uh thanks for considering i appreciate it https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1154384700 thank you again for considering this uh, proposition thanks : )
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