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There is a bug! With the forums!


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My dearest staff,

Hewwo OwO, there seems to be a buggy wuggy with the forums that has removed my and many others positive rep/reactions from my dearest beloved @ Wookie  and I am unsure as to why, I just really liked all of his suggestions and was within the grounds to react as I please(within reason, the block on how many reps a day is reasonable). As much as I love having the top spot on popular contributors, I'd rather my lovely jubbly Wookie to have the spot in which he worked for @ Menace  plz help ❤️




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23 hours ago, gifcartel said:

i believe the lamestream media is pushing an anti-wookie agenda where his posts are being negatively reacted to by nefarious agents

@everyone this is a major problem that needs to be fixed

He was sitting at 140 and even with the 9-18 negative reps he had gotten the math doesn't add up to lose give or take half of his positive rep from those negative ones, this is very serious OwO! I am outraged I tell you nya~ (●´ω`●)

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