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Retz - Staff Application

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Flux TTT (1, 2, & 3)


Steam name: 

Retz (formerly known as 'baked' & 'baked bean')









1: Dr. Zoidberg (Mod)

2: Wookie (Community Manager)

3: Aeyon (Super Mod)

ty guys for the recommendations :)


Tell us about yourself.

G'day, I'm Retz.


I first joined Flux servers around 4 months ago as 'Retz', but only became active around 3 months ago when I was known as 'baked bean' & 'baked'. In the 3 months since I've gotten over 300 hours playtime on the servers, and had various other names for short times such as 'Dwight'.

I currently don't work or study because I'm waiting to get into Uni, so I have all the spare time in the world. I usually spend that spare time on the TTT servers, playing other games, or watching videos online.

I have to admit that I don't really talk a whole lot with my mic in-game. I much prefer to type or use the ttt_radio binds, so most of the time that's probably what you'll see me doing on the servers.

The skins I usually play as on the servers are Wookie and Cloaker with no text hat.


Why do you want to become staff?

Because I see the server struggling from time to time with no staff online to deal with rule-breakers. I believe my availability will be very useful as I'd be able to get on during the 'off-times' (as well as during the 'on-times') when other staff usually can't get on, overall making the server a more pleasant place because I'd be on most of the time dealing with the rule-breakers. 

Wookie told me himself that "First impressions make a huge impact on people" which is exactly why I think staff need to be on as much as possible so players have good first impressions of the server. A lot of new players join the server when there is no staff online which means there is probably a lot of rule-breaking going on, which leaves a bad first impression on that player and they may never join again. I'd seek to stop the rule-breakers and be online as much as possible so players have good first impressions and hopefully stick to playing on Flux. 

I personally made a pretty bad first impression on this community with my last staff application, and I've been suffering the consequences for nearly 3 months since, but I hope I can prove myself with this opportunity. 

My availability paired with my prior TTT/Gmod staff experience and great understanding of the rules and the community I think would make me a prime candidate for a trial-mod. 

I am constantly lurking on the Discord watching what people are talking about, but admittedly I don't talk a whole lot myself, this is because I don't really have anyone/anything to talk to/about on there, so I just lurk. I'm only really active on the Discord to @TTT_Mods and chat from time to time. 

I am, however, the third most active person on the Forums, and I'm browsing them constantly. (if that means anything lmao) 


Do you have a microphone and how often do you use it?

-  Yes, I do. I do use it from time to time, but as I said above I much prefer to type. If this is a problem I can start using my mic more no sweat. 


How many hours do you have on Flux Servers?

- 300+


Have you previously been a staff member on any Gmod servers?

Yes, multiple:

- Hogwarts RP (SBS): Moderator for a while, then Admin, then resigned. Also Forum Admin on their forums. 

- TTT (Poseidon Servers): Moderator for quite a while, then resigned.

- DarkRP (Poseidon): Mod for a short while. 

- Moderator on two popular Aussie FiveM servers. Resigned on both.

- Various other moderator jobs on other Gmod servers/games/etc.  

+ more




48 hours playtime - 300+

A microphone - 

Active on Discord - ✔ 

No bans -  

Age 20

Ask 3 staff -  Asked many 



Anyways, thank you guys for reading my application.

If you have any issues or questions, feel free to PM me.

(PS if you see me editing my application heaps that's just because I'm very picky with my applications, I like to read it over and pick out mistakes and things I can improve.)


- Retz

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Issues and Suggestions - Recommendation Requirement - 22-05-2019 - Retz: I messaged like literally every staff member asking them if they'd like to recommend me and if not what I could improve on. Clearly has the initiative to become staff. 


Retz has abundant knowledge of community and server rules, is wise, active on Discord and the Server. Retz is always trying to improve, and in time, will be a great moderator. Verdict: Strong +1.

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