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milk got banned *gasp*

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Steam Name: milk

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:65918560

Reason for Ban: Harassment/Harmful Misinformation

Staff Member Who Banned You: Dr.Zoidberg I believe. (Other staff on: Bocaj)

Ban Length: 6 days

Your Appeal: I have no idea what I said, what I did or why I was banned. Not to mention I've never gotten warned, so even when I am unbanned..how am I suppose to know what to change?

The rules clearly state:


--Player/Staff abuse--

         -Warn (in game over voice/ulx staff respond or PM)

         - if continued Mute/gag for several rounds

         - if continued Warn them through ulx warn function

         - if continued Ban for 3 days


Which I was never given any of those, you can even check my previous warns. To my knowledge I have no previous warnings, I was also never given any VERBAL warnings via staff before the ban + never gagged/muted. So are y'all good or?

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Okay, I've learned that normal people's votes don't really matter on ban appeals, I didn't know this.


Regardless, after hearing why you were banned, I fully agree with the ban. If I'm honest, I'm surprised it took this long for you to get banned.

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The key concern is that Milk said "I have no idea what I said, what I did or why I was banned." This is implying that staff guidelines were not followed: "Warn (in game over voice/ulx staff respond or PM)." If Milk was warned via private messaging on discord or text chat, or warned via ulx warn function, she would unequivocally understand the reason for her ban. Why doesn't she? I believe this comes down to miss-communication. 


Nevertheless, present Staff (Zoidberg and Bocaj) should contact Milk ASAP to clarify the circumstances of her ban. This is the most important step, and the ban length could be negotiated from there.

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Your Appeal has been reviewed, and the verdict is it's not being reduced and it's being kept in place, for various reasons.


These reasons include but not limited to:


Player/Staff harassment

Refusing to listen to staff (Multiple Times)

Hurtful misinformation about the community


You are a regular player in the community, and have previously been a staff member ,meaning you HAVE demonstrated the knowledge and understanding of the rules, yet you continued to break them or walk a very thin thread. The guidelines HAVE been followed, if they were followed strictly the ban would be much longer. There has been leniency due to you being a regular player.

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