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Aligned for Staff on TTT

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Server: TTT

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:75961398

Age: 18

Current Server Level: 43: eternal

Recommendation(s) from Staff: Monk


About Aligned:

So Yeah I might just be a gamer who's been gaming for quite a long time. I've been playing flux for at least a few years now and it breaks my heart to see Moderators like Monk who honestly don't know what they're doing in an honest yet pathetic attempt to create a cohesion within the community by upholding the rules and assisting those in need. I consider myself to have already checked one of the many prerequisite for becoming staff which is having at least a decent 'aim', as i grew up playing counter strike i consider myself to have a pretty good aiming sense and have fun just running around playing death match around the server.

I consider myself to know the rules of the server incredibly well and have the intuitive sense to act in the best judgement of the server in addition to keeping people happy within the server. I may or may not use my initiative to ignore the server rules to exact justice to the traitors in live rounds however i have a 70% success rate on indicating whom in which is a traitor. with some surplus statistics of me 'messing' around 'rdming' people i may or may not have liked. Ignoring my past activities, I on average tend to play to the legislative requirements of the server in which I attempt to support new players and create an understanding for parties in which find differences in understanding of the server rules and community guidelines.

My long track record of Gmod begins with probably Deathrun on Poseidon about 10 years ago in which i feel in love with online communities, i was probably hated for being a Dumbass squeaker but now i'm not a squeaker, this gradually lead to Deathrun becoming more of aPVP orientated Deathrun. In which i now desired to competitively participate in more PVP orientated game modes in which lead me to TTT in which i think i played a multitude of servers the last on before flux would've been essentials which was a server i loved but is now forgotten and have probably been playing this server on and off since 2018.

When i'm not playing on flux, i'm probably doing one of these several things which is watching a particular culturally appropriated TV show, playing CS:GO, rust, Valorant, apex and nothing else. Other wise I am asleep.


Reason for Application:

Well... First of all, I believe the server needs a alpha chad gamer who knows what he's on about okay, all my past of 'rdming' and running around as i wish to be a pure example of my ability to be dedicated to doing what i want and what i feel is necessary.  I would like to say the best way to know the rules is to know the loopholes, therefore indicating a clear understanding of what can and cannot be done in which my ingenuity would prove to be of priceless value to the staff team and the bettering of the flux community well being.

I also believe there are not enough mod's on in the server to be able to moderate effectively and cross examine each others own efforts for the betterment of the server.

I would like to have a bigger part in the legislative section within the community to create a better environment for the people playing so that more people can enjoy and have fun within the flux community.

I also kind of like this server or something and i'm gonna say what everyone else says in which there are never any moderators on which is true, cause half of the new ones that just popped out of thin air are just useless, I promise for at least like a few weeks i'll play the server in proper dedication to my role, then neglect my duties.

Honestly it would be a huge loss for flux if i don't get in power and would be of benefit to the community and wrong doers in flux.



Previous Experience:

no Garry's mod moderating experience.


Additional Comments:

So this is legit and real or something.

In relation to statistics i find it whenever i get on, I seem to aggravate others in relation to either their insecure aim or because i have shouted at them with vulgar language in relation to their wrong doings. I educate these people and help them learn within the server that i am the alpha of the server. this creates a hierarchy which with more power i can help people learn and create a benevolent euphoria within the community in which in practice will become a monarchy in which i can bring menace rich capital if certain methods are taken. so if we calculate this in correct proponents we can create a society in which our economy would rival the republic of the Congo or papa new guinea or something. This is the master plan

Higashi also has a 23 slide Powerpoint on why i should be moderator.send requests to him for additional content

Yeah goodnight.

Sincerely Aligned

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