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Tasman82's TTT Appeal

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Server: TTT

SteamID: 76561197984808181

Reason for ban: rdm

Issuing staff member:

Ban length: 5 days



I feel like its kind of unfair to be banned for 5 days for rdming a guy 3 times... Im not saying the ban should be gotten rid off but at least lowered is that fair?

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but I'm getting the blame for it all. like i said there were at least 3 other guys talking shit and from the time I've had playing on the server it's still toxic as shit sometimes. from my knowledge I was the only guy who got banned...

don't you dare say i was the main guy saying it all

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You rdm’d shadow_doc over the course of multiple maps, constantly harassed him even after MULTIPLE gags. Seems like instead of following the crowd you should have taken initiative and shut up, you were warned and you should know that RDM is against the rules. Your ban was fair and it should make you realise the way you were acting was not on, we as staff see the logs and from what I could see you were the only one keeping the targeted rdm going, what the others did will be dealt with if continued as you did. 

Next time you’re on with shadow_doc, press tab and click the speaker icon near his name to mute him, if you’re that annoyed by the child. 

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Sorry about the wait!

Unfortunately we don't accept targetting behaviour in this community in any way. I read through some of your responses as well and deemed you are not worthy of an unban.


If you have issues with other players on the server don't take it to your own hands, please report it and we will be all over it for you.


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