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Rookie's TTT Appeal

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Server: TTT

SteamID: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198304266050/

Reason for ban: Idk admins were banning left and right so yeah

Issuing staff member:

Ban length: Permanent GAG



I wanna be ungagged because I feel that my "permanent" gagging was unjustified and due to a petty excuse to exert authority (also because playing TTT without being able to talk sucks because I can't warn when someone is killing me or coordinate with traitors to execute killings and stuff like that, also talking in TTT is how I've met people I still play with today and that's what TTT is all about, communication which makes the game mode not fun

I believe this because me and several other people were talking and talking shit back and fourth as a joke (some were "mic spamming" if your definition of it is poking fun at a mod for allowing Lonc to get away with RDM) some people were a bit loud but all and all nothing to warrent getting gagged. 

But then people started getting gagged randomly (some for 10 minutes despite them being the server for the first time) and we've made comments on it and then we started getting gagged (some were 5, 10 and one was permanent) I'm pretty sure it wasn't supposed to be permanent or that it was just a quick band-aid on a situation where people were getting slayed and gagged left right and center

And there were also hundreds of other times where miscommunication between players led to admins throwing slays left and right like when a player named Roxy and I were given slays from what we could assume was due to killing people when we were traitors because we were traitors just before the round we got slain

I don't know how to do this sort of stuff since this is my first time going on a forum like this and what not. I hope that my appeal is looked to and hopefully results in me getting ungagged so I can communicate with disembodied voices


Thanks for reading my appeal and yeah

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The reason you were permagagged was due to the fact you and a few other people were constantly mic spamming, minging and continuing to harrass people despite multiple warnings from myself and other staff at the time,

You werent the only person on at the time who recieved the same punishment for exactly the same negative behaviour,

You saying you were doing it as a joke is a straight up lie as even after multiple gags from myself and the other mods on at the time telling you to cut it out, you ignored those warnings and continued with your toxcity towards other players in both text AND voice chat every time you were ungagged and thus due to your behaviour we decided upon a permanent gag.

As for now, I personally think it's best for you to stay permanently gagged until it is seen that you wont just keep doing it again.

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That's funny because last I checked we weren't harassing anybody, we were criticizing the mods for constantly gagging people that didn't warrent it. But yet there were people like Velvet who were constantly mic spamming and being fucking creepy towards Krispy a well known child and people like Lonc who constantly RDM for stupid reasons like "talk shit get hit" and I don't see them getting gagged/slain

Also you say you kept giving warnings and gags yet the reasoning for these gags were never fully explained or fully expanded upon because you'd rather not waste time actually being on the microphone. it went straight from 5 minutes to permanent, especially for some people who just got permanent gags. Not just that but you also lumped together several people and accused them of crimes they've didn't commit, last time I checked none of us were prop killing or "minging" whatever the fuck that means. Also none of us were saying racial slurs, the only words that were said were faggot and that's it (and no, saying nigga in a non-insulting way isn't a racial hate crime despite what woke white people who have a exaggerated sense of morality tell you)

Everyone during the day a lot of us got banned were all getting along well and fine, no one was ganging up on one another, no one was crying or complaining. No one was openly complaining about people being toxic or talking shit or griefing or whatever. It was when the Aspie kids (moderators) got irritated for whatever reason and decided to start gagging people was when we started talking shit to the Mods. But you'd probably just deny it because it would make your story of racist homophones causing trouble not sound like the actual story to pertain to your exaggerated sense of morality

Deciding when people get to speak and when they can't on a game that's all about social engineering is actually sad ngl. Just because there are people who play video games that have a sense of humor doesn't mean you have to exert your authority over the most menial of things. Also don't try and play holier then thou when you pick favourites on certain players *cough* *cough*  *Lonc* *cough* *cough*

Also I see some of you mods pull excuses like "oh but the kids and the youth are on here and they can be influenced!" my arse, this game is violent, it's being played by sweaty old man that have trade jobs and there's constant swearing and the kids do the same thing as well. If the kids are too emotionally/mentally immature to handle graphic language or content then they're not mature enough to have a computer and unrestricted internet access

Giving someone a permanent gag and then saying "you personally think that you're not worthy of speaking until I say so" is pretty pretentious and quite a juxtapostion, doesn't sound like you'll ever make up your mind seeing as how permanently gagging everyone was a quick and easy way of not having to actually put effort into your role which is fine and all but leave that shit at the Aspie playground. We're here to play games and fuck around, not pertain to a failed teacher assistant's ego

big wall of text but whatever

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2 hours ago, Rookie said:

"The only words that were said were faggot and that's it"

"But you'd probably just deny it because it would make your story of racist homophones causing trouble not sound like the actual story to pertain to your exaggerated sense of morality"


Proved their reasoning for gagging you right there bud. Probably best not to incriminate yourself in your own responses.

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Hey Rookie, Cheers for waiting on this application!

So we've concluded that given the circumstances, and all things withstanding you wholeheartedly deserved a long gag at minimum. However upon further discussion with the punishers we also believe you deserved a ban for what it seems, going out of your way to cause disrepute.

On the other hand, we don't see any SAM warnings put in place. So moving forward you will be ungagged.

We will be watching your behavior more so from now on. When you join the server you will also have a SAM warning.

If you do not concede to the rules and appropriate etiquette of the server in the future, you will find it hard pressed to not fall victim to a more serious punishment. Any sort of applications from now on regarding this behavior will not be accepted as per our discussion. So see this as some sort of probation.


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