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Admin abuse of power

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Writing to inform the community and non-trial mods of the abuse of power that Nick loves to flex when he’s the only admin online. 

last night I was continually false KOS’d, RDM’d, and slain by Nick. Then if I reported him. He would slay me for ‘false reports’. He false KOS’d me on inno rounds & RDM’d me before I even damaged anyone of produced any T weapon etc. 

pretty poor excuse of an admin 


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All players have access to logs of the current map, press F8 in the game to bring them up. If there is a problem you should screenshot those for evidence immediately. Another thing to keep in mind is that Nick is a trial moderator, as such he is allowed to make mistakes on occasion as he's still meant to be learning some things, with support from other staff if mistakes are made.

Thank you for the report, and your complaint has been noted by the team, but without some kind of evidence to back up your claim, we can't take any fair action towards the situation based on this incident alone.

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