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Rod the Animator's TTT Appeal

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Server: TTT

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:103401523

Reason for ban: Constant harassment

Issuing staff member: Kat

Ban length: Permanent



Hello Aussies! I'm here to appeal my ban. Can I please be unbanned? I swear I will just shut up and say nothing. I won't even talk. I promise to behave myself. Just give me some sort of a short test period to show myself. I will play the game and will refrain from any kind of drama. I won't cause any problems, just watch me! I'm asking you to make a leap of faith, just to trust me. I'm a man of my word. I only want to play the damn game. And for one, it's pretty darn hard, being banned from pretty much every server active on the platform. I have no hard feelings toward any of you, since I have pretty much forgotten everyone and everything, happened on the server.

Unban me, it'll do no harm!

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24 minutes ago, Rod the Animator said:

it's pretty darn hard, being banned from pretty much every server active on the platform.

And you thought this was a good thing to say????? Just admit you are an insufferable person to deal with and stay away. Imagine admitting that every other active server can't stand having you either and using that as a reason to be unbanned. 



I'm a man of my word.

Yeah no, we all know this is a lie. 


I think I got dumber reading this.

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You literally got banned from US Flux yesterday for sexual harrassment, all I did was literally search up rod in their discord and you've come up to abuse, harrass and more importantly sexually harass anyone and everyone, its taken multiple warnings and multiple bans for you to stop for like a day before you go do it again.

-1 I dont feel safe with having you here, your behaviour hasn't changed and I dont want you back

https://imgur.com/a/kt0C7eQ (literally the first 3 images I got, 10 seconds tops)

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25 minutes ago, Aeyon said:

Except for the multiple other lies you have said both in the past and in this very ban appeal, get off the internet, it's clearly not the place for you.

What do you mean? I haven't lied even once in this appeal. I am being very genuine and respectful of your views. And no, I don't really think it's very realistic to get off the internet. So that's something that probably isn't going to happen, likely ever. Seeing as technology is advancing day by day. To be honest, you're being a little naïve. I'm a realist! Whoever You are.

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Sorry, this isn't happening.

Common consensus is that you generally don't play nice, you don't treat others with any respect what so ever and your tendency of being banned in other communities as well is astounding.

Despite your ability to come back to the forums and appeal, your choice of wording comes across to me that you're not ready to reintegrate back into the community. You may have forgotten what you've done, but you definitely set a standard for us in realizing how and when to issue permanent bans, for which we thank you in helping us grow stronger and more resilient as a community.

Please try again in July 2022.

/Closed, Locked, Signed Sealed and Delivered.

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