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Higashi for Staff on TTT

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Server: TTT

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:42119057

Age: --

Current Server Level: 49

Recommendation(s) from Staff: Kat
TwiiTcheZ v
Jaska V


About Higashi:


Hi my names Higashi, I'm an avid gmoder and have been playing this shit for a long time, with about 3000 - 3500 hours alone dedicated to the TTT gamemode itself roughly 1000 alone on Poseidon TTT. Ive come back to the server I helped make about 2 months or so ago to start playin again.

I'm a little bit toxic, but if you actually know me, most of the shit I say is in good fun. I'm very dedicated to the communities I serve, leading to consultant work after I've generally resigned from them. I resigned from flux a while ago due to the lack of things I myself could be doing, it just put alot of strain on menace to constantly give me things after I finished my projects.



Reason for Application:


If you don't know me already, as said before my names Higashi, I helped make the new server alongside Menace, helping with a majority of the foundations for the new server, and I'm incredibly glad that to this day it remains the #1 OCE server and that the community enjoy playing it so much, me and Menace did put alot of work into it, and its good to see he's still at it. I want to apply generally because it's easier to help the community grow when you're in a position to easily do so. Staffing is a great stepping stone to expansion interests within the community and a great way to actually help out the server in staffing that I helped make.

Tldr: I'm quite active, I know the ins and outs of the community and server and I feel I could be of benefit to the server and community in general for the future



Previous Experience:



TTT Vanilla: Super Admin
TTT new server - Super Admin > Then TTT Operator
TTT old server - Moderator

Imperial Gaming:

DarkRP - Server Manager & Staff Manager
Community - Content Consultant 
Minecraft - Admin

Neptune & Fluorite Networks:

TTT - Manager
DarkRP - Manager
Community - Advisor/Content Manager

Poseidon Servers:

TTT - Super Admin | Admin x 3
Cinema - Super Admin
Murder - Super Admin | Senior Admin
Prophunt - Moderator
Darkrp - Moderator/Trial Mentor
ImperialRP - Moderator
Discord - Manager (Yikes)

Voxel Servers:

TTT - Admin
Forum Moderator

Ricketts Lane:

ZombieRP - Head Admin
Community - Advisory Council 

Derivative Gaming:

Darkrp - Admin 



Additional Comments:

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