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  1. You must be at least 15 to apply for any staff positions
  2. Only ever see through 1 eye, because you can get a cool eye patch Would you rather A) Be in the Yakuza B) Be in the mafia
  3. Granted, but now owning and playing video games are illegal I wish that hotline Miami 2 is unbanned in Australia
  4. Granted, but when ever you teleport the world gets flipped I wish I could feel no negative emotions
  5. Granted, but everything tastes like the worst thing you could imagine I wish I was fluent in all languages
  6. Granted, but you have to bend your knees inward to jump I wish i can manipulate electricity
  7. Randomat is like the special rounds that people vote for, but the detectives can buy it. More info just watch Yogscast TTT videos
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