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Suggest (Special Rounds)

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Adding special rounds that occur randomly say every 5-10 rounds


BossBattle - a random player is selected and gets between 5000 hp to 12500 hp depending on amount of players and is 2x larger (Rewards are given to the boss and the top 3 people who did the most damage)


Inverted - Inverted controls


Deathmatch - a 3 minute deathmatch winner gets a prize


Infected - 1 traitor with 500hp runs around with a knife at 200% speed when he kills someone they become an infected with 50hp and a knife with 200% speed


One in the chamber - everyone has a deagle that 1 shots every kill gets 1 extra bullet [free for all]


Battle royal - just a free for all no respawns


NYOOM - everyone gets 200% speed


Space - low gravity


Inaccurate - everyone's aim is inaccurate


Misfire - players will shoot randomly


Switcher - Players will randomly swap positions with another player


Knife - everyone spawns with a knife


Blink - all players get blink


Aim for the head - headshots are the only way to kill someone

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