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Reporting STEAM_0:0:199541101 for Toxic Behaviour

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Incident occurred on TTT, at 07/29/21 14:16 GMT+10.

My SteamID: STEAM_0:1:49173248

Reported Player: skittle (STEAM_0:0:199541101)


Description of incident:

[Server]: skittle added 1 autoslays to 2B (False report).

False report he reckons after i  reported for RDM as T as i know he didn't see me do it. 

plus he also gave me 2 autoslays and admitted it shouldve been only one after i said something. 

overall just a toxic dude and when he joins the amount of fun we have goes down significantly lmao



[Server]: skittle added 1 autoslays to 2B (False report).

01:50:04 PM - skittle: You shouldn't have mentioned he was a T that you RDM'd with a barrel.

01:50:10 PM - skittle: I missed that, you woulda only gotten 1 slay XD

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This report is completely misleading and inaccurate. Firstly, you implied that I slayed you for a false report when I killed you after seeing you kill an innocent - you did not get any slay for that, because it shows that you did not see me standing behind you whilst you killed the innocents. You got slayed for false report previously after a blatant false report (although I do not remember the details of this report because I cannot remember every report I answer). You implying that you got slayed for a false report on me, that is wrong.

Secondly, those quotes you have are correct and they are from me, however I think you misunderstood what happened. I answered a report that you RDM'd someone with an explosion, I did not see that they were a traitor at the time and only gave you 1 slay for the RDM of an innocent. After receiving this slay however, you claimed that you did not deserve the slay because you killed a traitor, so I checked the report again, and he was indeed a traitor that you RDM'd with an explosion. I said that you shouldn't have mentioned that they were a traitor after receiving a slay because I had not noticed that and an RDM on an innocent is only 1 slay. But because you admitted that they were a traitor, after reassessing the report, I gave you 1 additional slay (2 slays in total) for the RDM of a traitor. I said that if you hadn't mentioned that the victim was a traitor, I would have missed it and you would have only received 1 slay as opposed to 2 slays.

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2 hours ago, FaithlessWolfe said:


Do you have any screenshots or video to use as evidence? just using text doesn't help as there's no way to verify anything and it could easily be faked.

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From looking at the supplied evidence and responses, it seems clear that you were slain for rdming a T which is 2 slays and could have gotten away with less slays until you decided to brag about only being slain once.

without sufficient evidence it's not clear that anything wrong has been done. screenshots would be sufficient evidence.


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