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SeaOfDemise's Appeal

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SteamID: 76561198951254267

Reason for ban: Banned for sending a video of Graphic content to 18+ channel

Issuing staff member:

Ban length: Permanent



I now know after a period of time the consequences for my actions and the distress it may have caused to others in the community.


The thought process going through my head at the time was 'oh its 18+ , so who will care'. I now know from the response to the situation and how quick action came around for it that it was really uncalled for and plain stupidity. 

I do apologise to anyone that I have caused distress/trauma to as that is not something I like doing to people I don't know personally.  

Myself as an individual don't want people to feel uncomfortable online, I want them to be able to express themselves without having to be judged for their past traumas and just enjoy things without having to be worried about being judged. 


Once again id like to apologies to anyone that I have affected/offended from the video as it was inconsiderate and extremely uncalled for. 



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