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  1. yeah well there is that as well
  2. Beautiful, Just Beautiful
  3. Hello everyone thought id join the forums and introduce myself. My name is SeaOfDemise and I've been playing TTT for about 5 years now, I originally played on 5Head Gaming and long before that I played Poseidon Servers Jail Break. Recently I came back to flux servers after some time away from pc and the whole gaming life to focus on more my job career and other pathways. However I've come back to try and have a little fun from time to time and just kick back and relax. Cant wait to see you all out there on the server P.S 10k Bounty on Coinz but you ain't heard that from me
  4. seems a little strange that you got banned for exploiting hit reg when everyone jumps like a crazy man in a gun battle, if you have a clip from when you were banned show it to the discord if your in it or the admins might be able to view moments before you were banned and see you weren't exploiting and unban you. Best of luck though
  5. does that mean deagle wars are gonna happen soon?
  6. Server: SteamID: 76561198951254267 Reason for ban: Banned for sending a video of Graphic content to 18+ channel Issuing staff member: Ban length: Permanent Appeal: I now know after a period of time the consequences for my actions and the distress it may have caused to others in the community. The thought process going through my head at the time was 'oh its 18+ , so who will care'. I now know from the response to the situation and how quick action came around for it that it was really uncalled for and plain stupidity. I do apologise to anyone that I have caused distress/trauma to as that is not something I like doing to people I don't know personally. Myself as an individual don't want people to feel uncomfortable online, I want them to be able to express themselves without having to be judged for their past traumas and just enjoy things without having to be worried about being judged. Once again id like to apologies to anyone that I have affected/offended from the video as it was inconsiderate and extremely uncalled for.
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