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hi, im skittle

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hi guys, im skittle (some of you may remember me as StrangeFruits or ttt_fruits) and i've been playing on the TTT server and interacting in the Discord server a fair bit since i joined. right now, im trying to be more involved in more parts of the community rather than just the TTT server, and i love to help anyone in anyway i can. i love playing with a bunch of people and i think the majority of the community are really cool people. i don't actually have much time on Garry's Mod, and almost all of the hours I have are from playing on the server 😛


so here's a bit about me: 

- my name is robert, and despite sounding like a 12 year old eunuch, im actually 18 years old and currently in year 12 (just about to sit my HSC)

- ive got adhd which makes me really annoying a lot of the in voice chats, but i know how to be serious whenever it is required

- i am familiar with hosting different game servers and communities, and currently run a few private servers on multiple games (ARK, Minecraft, etc)

- although i may seem quite silly at times, i always respect the others around me and try my best to remain unbiased against other community members - i hold no grudges, so don't worry, i still like you 😛


thanks for taking the time to read this little mess, and i hope we all get along 🙂

~ skittle

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