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Meru's dumb ideas for mods that wont get added :)

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(Drowning) has the same % as fire burning it lets players move a little slower and makes them take more damage the longer they get drowned for by each bullet cause u can stack this with more bullets and make them drown longer

(Pellets) this is only for shot guns and adds more pellets to the shotguns 

(Quick fix) head shots increase your speed to 45% for a short amount of time or can be stacked by headshots 

(disintegrate) after killing someone there body's will disappear 

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Drowning sounds kinda OP ngl, not really a fan. Pellets sounds kinda nice I guess, but I don't think Menace was planning on adding mods for specific guns and you could just go for the damage increase mod or burning or something really. Quick fix sounds pretty nice ngl, wouldn't mind seeing that one. Disintegrate would only be worth having as a traitor, and would result in innocents being RDM'd after killing T's because they'd have no way to prove the person they just killed was a traitor so I'm not really a fan of that one personally either.

Also, moved to TTT Suggestions.

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Quick Fix seems to be the winner of the four there, I think it's definitely got the most potential, for reasons already mentioned.

I think drowning is onto the right general idea, slowing is about the furthest you could go in regards to messing with player movement, though rather than yet another DoT mod I could definitely see trying out a deafen effect for a second or two or maybe a sort of fish-eye kinda filter over the screen instead?

Pellets again, it's onto the right idea if there were gun specific mods, there may yet be at some point but for now I think the mod pool will remain fairly universal and all-inclusive.

Disintegrate, sounds good in theory but as it's been stated already, it'd cause more issues than it's really worth.

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