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Order66's Appeal

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SteamID: 76561198193757943

Reason for ban: 3rd MRDM

Issuing staff member: Aeyon

Ban length: Perm



Yeah i was kind of an idiot with the mrdm because i was bored but im willing to show that i've improved and wont rdm on purpose anymore 

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As we are starting a new server, your ban shall be revoked, however you will still need to be sure you've reflected on what went wrong last time and how to make sure you don't cop another one.

As a result of this you will be placed upon a probation period until the 29/06/2021. If, during that time, you have any major infractions against our rules again, you will receive a renewed ban from our TTT server. None of that should be a worry to you if you abide by our rules from now on though. 🙂

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