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HardPogger69's Discord Appeal

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Server: Discord

SteamID: 76561198247628054

Reason for ban: Given multiple chances to cease his continued harassment on

Issuing staff member:

Ban length: Eternity



Yea i admit i was a bit of a prick but half of this stuff isnt even fair


I know for a fact aeyon has lied to me at least once about staff punishment stuff


sudoh wasnt even on the server at the time and hadnt played TTT since like forever ago




i do admit i was a bit of a cunt to aeyon and taylor though and i deeply apologise for the baseless accusations that i made towards them and their actions


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Your chat ban has been removed, however you need to be sure you've reflected on what went wrong last time and how to make sure you don't cop another one this time.

You'll be placed upon a probation period until the 23/05/2021. If, during that time, you have any major infractions against our rules again, you will receive another permanent chat ban on our Discord community. None of that should be a worry to you if you abide by our rules from now on though. 🙂

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