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Improve drop rates pls

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Like title says :(


Get mainly points but sometimes I get a... (wait for it) BLUE WEAPON! (:gasp:)


anyway you get points about 90% of the time from Diamond and Fusion crates and I feel that its not exactly worth the money to go for those legendarys if all you get is points... its 2k a box (key and box) and if you get 400 points nearly all the time then whats the point of having anything in between gray and orange drops.


I petition that we remove the blue, green and purple section because they don't drop enough so we don't need em.!


or nerf grey drop rates.


results from 6 fusions. Usually I get 5 points but I got lucky and got a honey badger. The pistol is the raging bull (gray weapon)

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The reason you get points most of the time is because the points are the common drop.

The prices are set by the community and not by me

At the very beginning of flux TTT if you were to get a blue drop the value was at first above $2,000 points but over time people unbox the crates the value has drop for all the blue guns.


if I was to make the other rarities above blue easier to get they will also drop in value.

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