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Draino's TTT Appeal

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Server: TTT

SteamID: 76561198041562979

Reason for ban: Inappropriate Spray

Issuing staff member: Tim_The_Warlord

Ban length: 7 Days



Was just banned for harassment via sprays, for a duration of 7 days. 

I'm sorry for any hurt caused by my use of the spray, and let it be known that I've changed my spray and will no longer continue to use the spray in question.

I mistakenly figured that because I had this image as my profile picture and spray for 2-3 weeks on the server, it was okay to use. If I had been warned I most certainly have changed it. 

I think given I haven't been warned for it, 7 days seems a little excessive. Not to say I should have no ban at all, that's obviously beyond my control and I'll cop a ban if you think it's needed to rectify the situation.



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for the last few weeks you have been attempting to cause drama on the server, what gives you the right to take the face of a staff member then photoshop it with the intention of using it against myself then you started just spraying it on the server again to harass myself, you made your profile picture contain my irl face then you had the bright idea of posting my face as a spray, i have my face hidden now so one could argue what you are doing is doxxing, i wont go as far as to say so but you have proven that you only want to cause drama for this server with your actions and have only now shown remorse after being banned. 


if you want to be unbanned or remain playing on flux i suggest you consider your actions, remove my face from your profile and spray and stop spreading shit about me to your friends so they also jump on the "hate all staff" bandwagon, ive been copping shit for months because of people taking any action i make as "abuse of my power" then spreading it to the point that people ive never seen before instantly harassing me. you are part of this problem and it affect more than just myself.

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I'm very sorry for upsetting you, and I never would have used the images if they were obtained in any way other than directly from your public steam profile pic, I'd never track down your fb and post private pics etc.

I do want to stress that I would have removed said picture if I had been given the opportunity to do so, and have since removed.

It was only ever my intent to have a laugh, which I now see was at your expense and I'm truly sorry for that. 

I believe a probationary period would be adequate in proving that I am a changed man and will no longer be causing any issues for you or anyone else on the server. 

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