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  1. +1 STO is a good guy, & brings life to the server. He's clearly sorry and has learnt his lesson
  2. Cheers for your input guys, much appreciated. Now that Aeyon has heard/seen everyone's thoughts, I'd be keen to hear his rationale for his decision to opt for 7 day ban right off the bat (as well as his opinion on what I can do in future to avoid a repeat issue). Mainly so that I can understand this issue from his side, as currently I am still a bit confused. Cheers
  3. Are you not allowed to use discord and stuff while you play? Half a word in a KOS that got cut off by me dying but not in discord channel seems a far cry from us intentionally conspiring to RDM all T's etc. Your server even has discord channels to use which people play/use at the same time so I'm a bit confused by this. It was clearly an accident and was in no way an intended abuse of discord, a week ban seems very heavy handed. Flux Servers allow frequent use of the N-word amongst other homophobic and racist rhetoric which is 10000x more important and deplorable than an accidental RDM T, yet we cop 7 day bans.
  4. Fair enough if this is true, but it seems like Aeyon is escalating what should be a slay/slays into a week ban, when there was obviously no intent behind it. I understand that my previous targeting of him via spraying his steam pic was upsetting but I have genuinely attempted to move beyond that and have changed my behaviour entirely.
  5. Yeah fair enough I see it now, We spoke to birb at the time of this because we were unsure, and once she told us we were in the wrong we apologised and continued playing. Every time we play using discord we go silent when we are dead etc to mirror the game's voice chat, and just use it to talk with other friends who arent in TTT. We spoke to Ghost at the time and correct me if I'm wrong but he didn't even report any of us in game, it was a misunderstanding and not intentional metagaming to ruin the fun of TTT. I just must have completed the KOS in voice chat before I stopped talking. It seems a bit (a lot) heavy handed to slap us with 7 day bans given not only did the person we accidentally RDM'd not take particular issue with it, but also given the fact that I use discord literally 100% of my playtime in TTT and this is one of VERY limited instances in which it's impacted the game. I do believe your zealous approach to your admin duties is unnecessary in circumstances such as this, which are clearly not malicious in intent. If you have a problem with us personally that's fine, but if you are going to slap a 7 day ban on every player who accidentally RDM's a T instead if a few slays it just seems like something else is at play here.
  6. I've done absolutely nothing to you since my ban, I know you don't like '''''banter''''' at your expense etc so I've stopped it completely as not to upset you. I think it's a bit of a reach of you to say. Can the video evidence be provided? I clearly haven't been metagaming and abusing voip to ruin the integrity of the game, given this a 7 day ban seems a little ridiculous.
  7. Server: TTT SteamID: Steam ID Edit: STEAM_0:1:40648625 Reason for ban: 'Metagaming' Issuing staff member: Aeyon Ban length: 7 Days Appeal: I've just been banned for metagaming for a duration of 7 days. It claims I have been warned before. Not only was I not metagaming, but metagaming has not been mentioned to me at all in the past. I've only been unbanned for a few days (previously for my spray of Aeyon's steam picture) but I've been on best behaviour since, and understand why I was banned in past. This seems like a mistake because I'm not sure why I would be banned for this seemingly random reason. Cheers, Draino
  8. Understood. I'm very sorry for upsetting you, and I never would have used the images if they were obtained in any way other than directly from your public steam profile pic, I'd never track down your fb and post private pics etc. I do want to stress that I would have removed said picture if I had been given the opportunity to do so, and have since removed. It was only ever my intent to have a laugh, which I now see was at your expense and I'm truly sorry for that. I believe a probationary period would be adequate in proving that I am a changed man and will no longer be causing any issues for you or anyone else on the server.
  9. Steam ID Edit: STEAM_0:1:40648625
  10. Server: TTT SteamID: 76561198041562979 Reason for ban: Inappropriate Spray Issuing staff member: Tim_The_Warlord Ban length: 7 Days Appeal: Was just banned for harassment via sprays, for a duration of 7 days. I'm sorry for any hurt caused by my use of the spray, and let it be known that I've changed my spray and will no longer continue to use the spray in question. I mistakenly figured that because I had this image as my profile picture and spray for 2-3 weeks on the server, it was okay to use. If I had been warned I most certainly have changed it. I think given I haven't been warned for it, 7 days seems a little excessive. Not to say I should have no ban at all, that's obviously beyond my control and I'll cop a ban if you think it's needed to rectify the situation. Apologies, Draino
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