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snakeboy229 for Staff on TTT

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Server(s): TTT

SteamID: 76561198144160171

Age: 15

Total Hours Played on Flux: 54

Recommendation(s) from Staff:


About snakeboy229:


I'm snakeboy229 but I used to play this server under the name Ice CreamMan where I played a lot more than I do now. I played TTT when I had nothing to do in other games, and I've found a liking for this server in particular. I do play a lot of other games than Garry's Mod though (CS:GO, TF2, Rainbow Six: Siege, etc.). I like to talk to people and I have a lot of fun talking in the game chat or voice chat, and I find myself making friends with a lot of the strangers on the server.


Reason for Application:

I want this position because when I asked Nymodia about applying for staff, I was told that the server was always looking for new people, and that's why I would like to apply for a staff position on this community! Other than the lack of people, my friends have started to play this more, and because I'll be playing with them, I'll probably be active in this server a bit more than usual, and even though I don't see rulebreakers often, it would be nice to have some immediate control over them.


Previous Experience (if applicable):

Don't really have any moderator experience if I'm gonna be honest, at least in gaming servers and whatnot.



I'm male, but I guess you already knew that because of snakeboy229.
I have no religous bias, and I have no racial bias. 
I am Australian/Vietnamese, and I can speak Viet as well.
Oh, I have a discord as well, Ice CreamMan#7787. Message me if you need anything!

Sorry if I haven't said enough on this application!

i didnt ask for recommendation because i didnt wanna bother the mods sorryyyyy                                                

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