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Ape's TTT Appeal


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Server: TTT

SteamID: 76561198180054957

Reason for ban: doxxing

Issuing staff member: Aeyon

Ban length: permanent




I think this ban was unfair because i was banned for doxing/ posting and individuals PUBLIC instagram account in the chat, I honestly dont know if posting links is against the rules but i certainly did not dox her as her instagram is publically promoted on her steam profile which can be seen just by right clicking her name, If she did not want her instagram to be seen she would not publically show it to the whole world. I would understand if her instagram was not on her steam page and i linked it but it was public which i believe is not doxing as none of the information was private. Also the only reason i posted the link was because someone in chat asked what her instagram was and i thought i might as well link it since its on her steam page which is how i found it also i asked her on her stream if she thinks the ban was fair and she could not even admit that i deserved it so that should say something, even if you truly believe i doxed her i think i should have recieved a less harsh punishment. Thank you for reading this appeal please consider it as i really enjoy this server and its the only server i played on gmod thank you.


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Yea, ban was retarded and undeserved. Dictionary definition of doxxing is "search for and publish PRIVATE or identifying information about (a particular individual) on the Internet, typically with malicious intent.". Her steam page is public, her instagram account is public and when questioned on stream she even said "I never said it was private"

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To summarise:

1. Her instagram was easily accessible by two different ways, her twitch and her steam.

2. If he needed a ban at all it'd be for harassment but even then Aeyon didn't gag/mute OR warn him or anyone on the server, which at the time was saying a controversial opinion and then it turned into bullying.


I was wondering myself why nothing was being done about the people talking about the non binary crap, this could have all been avoided if action was taken quicker.

False ban.

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Tbf, whatever else he did doesnt matter, the ban was for doxxing, which we can all agree he didnt do. And as for harassment, she had him muted so he couldnt have possibly harassed her, admins didnt warn him that he was crossing a line and the bitch wasnt exactly making it easy to be apologetic.

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the ban will remain but will be reduced, you behaviour was still very disgusting

this is what i experienced that led me to make the ban perma.

i was dealing with another player's ban, she messages me in admin chat saying players are doxxing her, i told her ill keep an eye on things then i hear ape had been sexually harassing her and talking about how she was raped, then out of nowhere he post her Instagram clearly with intent to create more drama, i did not know it was on her profile i did what i felt was need in that current situation



if you really want to come back to this server i suggest you take a long look at yourself.

the things you said were disgusting

you shared a piece of her social media with intent to cause drama and possibly more harassment towards her 


i did what i felt was need to keep the server under control while i was the only staff on a fairly full server. i had a lot of shit to deal with so yeah if i see someone share someone else's Instagram just because they think its funny then of course im going to ban them before they get a chance to do more damage. i had very limited information and because of that this mistake was made and i was also abused for this ingame by people who felt they knew more.


BAN REDUCED (To 3 days)

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