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1 Million lost in a Coin Flip during map change

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So uhh, bit of a weird first post.

Earlier tonight (The night of the 28th of August) I was doing a bunch of coin flips, gambling etc and won the 750,000 jackpot. Eventually this totalled up to 1mil and my stupid self decided to do a 1mil coinflip to show that I actually had it.  Little did I know, the map was changing and when I loaded back in the 1mil was gone. All of it. I was left with 18k.

Worst part is, my shadowplay only recorded from loading into the new map and the console log doesn't show far enough back to prove it either. 

This happened at roughly 11:55pm (aest) 28/08/19. @WildCard can vouch for me, however neither of us have proof of the coinflip. @Bloboporto also witnessed it.

I don't have any screenshots of me actually having the 1mil, or the coinflip so I'm basing this all off of trust and I'm sure there is the possibility for checking logs etc. 

https://streamable.com/0558h here is my reaction post map change. I'm pretty devastated, I know.

here is where I got the win (this was a few maps prior to having 1mil in total and making the coinflip)


And here is me after the map change


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