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  1. Regardless of all this pettiness and accusations, there is still clear metagaming occurring in the streamable clip linked in my original post. You decide to RDM two T's, one within 2 seconds of the round starting, on the round that your bud gets traitor as well. It just so happens that the only two people you killed were traitors by coincidence, and not your friend telling you that we were traitors.
  2. I never rdmed you, and if I did you know the means to get the problem resolved. !report in game exists for a reason. Revenge rdm also isn't allowed regardless if the person rdmed you or not, which I didn't. I've never spoken to you over voice chat, only once said in game text chat "lil peep fan lol, yellow school buses lol" when you and Ghoul were mic spamming and screaming. This was the first interaction I've had with either of you. The first rdm came several rounds after that was even said in chat. Anyone handling this report can check logs form the previous 2 maps which I was on for and support the fact that I have never once rdmed you. And chat logs also exist. Your claims about me also don't explain why you rdmed the other T 2 seconds into the round starting when Ghoul was also a T. From your in game actions it's clear you are both friends and likely in a voice chat.
  3. Incident occurred on TTT, at 01/12/20 21:20 GMT+10. My SteamID: 76561197960287930 Reported Player: deadly aka god of flux, Ghoul fook flux (STEAM_0:1:50597989 & STEAM_0:0:34934300) Description of incident: These two were metagaming and mass rdming me. Went to disco room of 67th way, deadly and ghoul were both there. I click the music button and they both talk shit and then deadly kills me. (first image in imgur). I report him for it and he replies with something along the line of "misclicked" or I that I T baited. They continue to talk shit and then next round Ghoul rdms me. (3rd image in imgur). This goes on and on until both Ghoul and I are T's. By this point it is clear that deadly and ghoul are metagaming with each other because of this, as well as the fact that they were doing similar things to Higashi earlier in the map. Where they would scream into their mics and mic spam something along the lines of harassing higashi and calling a KOS. When ghoul and I are both T and deadly is the detective, at the very start of the round deadly rdm's a T. Okay cool, maybe he baited or something. Then as soon as I walk past deadly he kills me, so clearly Ghoul told deadly that I was a T. Evidence: Damagelogs and roles: https://imgur.com/a/A52K6Tk deadly killing me on T round with Ghoul: https://streamable.com/v46iv
  4. Ive noticed that the quality is pretty shit on mobile. If you want me to re-upload I can.
  5. Incident occurred on TTT, at 12/25/19 21:50 GMT+10. My SteamID: 76561198090236996 Reported Player: Northa (STEAM_0:1:526439701) Description of incident: He is using infinite B-Hop hacks/script and aimhacks. Evidence: Clip of hacks in action: https://streamable.com/e5l0s Bhop: https://streamable.com/jsy8u Clip of me getting his steamid: https://streamable.com/ze7jx
  6. Incident occurred on TTT, at 12/25/19 21:22 GMT+10. My SteamID: 76561198090236996 Reported Player: Aboriginal Territory, thorn (respectively) (STEAM_0059870977, STEAM_0166638405) Description of incident: The two of them were metagaming. The player that I was spectating in the below clip (Barry) killed thorn. Upon dying, thorn said in spectator chat "KOS barry", not even a second later his steam friend "Aboriginal Territory" calls this same KOS on Barry, claiming that he saw him kill thorn. At the time this KOS was called you can clearly see that Aboriginal Territory was on the lower rooftops, completely out of site of Barry yet still claimed that he saw him kill thorn. My clip also proves that they are steam friends to further support the claim that they are metagaming. Evidence: Clip: https://streamable.com/w0cba Location of Aboriginal Territory:
  7. Incident occurred on TTT, at 09/11/19 20:47 GMT+10. My SteamID: 76561198090236996 Reported Player: Sandstormman (STEAM_00126869558) Description of incident: Pretty sure this dude who was just on was hacking. You can see at the start of the video in evidence he instantly starts shooting at me as soon as I enter LOS and then later at 0:40 he fully traces where Debla goes and locks onto him as soon as he steps outside. Same with milk soon after. In short, dude was using ESP hacks/aimbot. Evidence: https://streamable.com/ec1et Full clip of what happened. Failed to get full footage as I somehow struggled to get first person view of him.
  8. So uhh, bit of a weird first post. Earlier tonight (The night of the 28th of August) I was doing a bunch of coin flips, gambling etc and won the 750,000 jackpot. Eventually this totalled up to 1mil and my stupid self decided to do a 1mil coinflip to show that I actually had it. Little did I know, the map was changing and when I loaded back in the 1mil was gone. All of it. I was left with 18k. Worst part is, my shadowplay only recorded from loading into the new map and the console log doesn't show far enough back to prove it either. This happened at roughly 11:55pm (aest) 28/08/19. @WildCard can vouch for me, however neither of us have proof of the coinflip. @Bloboporto also witnessed it. I don't have any screenshots of me actually having the 1mil, or the coinflip so I'm basing this all off of trust and I'm sure there is the possibility for checking logs etc. https://streamable.com/0558h here is my reaction post map change. I'm pretty devastated, I know. here is where I got the win (this was a few maps prior to having 1mil in total and making the coinflip) And here is me after the map change
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